• City Sunsets. Running about town today! #Humpday •• Días interminables. #newyorkcity •• By the way, if you are in The Big Apple and want to learn more about blogging, I'm looking for an intern. Scroll down on my profile for more Info! 😘
  • Spring vibes (and my season faves) up on the blog today! •• Lo mejor de la moda desde NY en (link in bio)
  • New things are coming! ... Want to be part of the FLIGHT OF SPICE team? drop me a message!
I am looking for a part time intern who is: 👉based in NY/Manhattan 👉social media savvy
👉 has experience/studies in graphic design, digital marketing, design, photography, art, digital art, fashion, or videography
👉 is willing to work on a bit of everything and get deep into the black art of blogging 💌 Email your applications to 😘 or DM
  • Starting the week like 💁🏻📱🔮🗒 Crazy days ahead! •• ¡Feliz lunes! @jurekka_bags
  • Getting ready for Sunday brunch. Lazy Sunday routine:  red lips and mascara that makes my lashes look longer than ever. #KeepLifeEasy •• Por que los Domingos son para llevarse las cosas leve. @maybelline #falsiespushupmascara #LasMiasSonReales •• 📷 @sonamdekar_ahhi
  • A little secret you did not know about me: After business school, I studied the first year of Music comp @ Fermatta /Berklee. I no longer sing or play but music fuels most things I do! Saturdays are perfect to find creative inspiration for my posts, art and designs. Can't get enough of this city! •• Regresando a la raíz de lo que me hace vibrar #LiveItYourWay #TheWayWeLive #audiophile #ThingsYouDidntKnow
  • Weekend vibes! #TGIF so, whats the plan darlings? Follow me on Instastories this weekend! 😎 •• Tanto que hacer este fin! Síganme en Instastories 😉😘
  • Morning Roses •• Flores en días nublados •  #Aerin @esteeLauder #aerinbeauty
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