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  • I love Sundays! Lets enjoy the sun while it lasts - even if it means climbing on rooftops •• Aferrada a lo que queda del verano #NYCRooftops #nycbloggers #EndOfSummer #Prefall 📸 @erick_adls
  • FW withdrawals. Its so easy to meet cool girls and bump into good friends when you come in and out of shows in fashion week! - now that its over we actually have to plan and coordinate to meet up 🙄 What are you up to tonight, New York!? •• ¿No les pasa que es imposible coordinar encontrase con las amigas? #SaturdaySwag #Squadgoals #GirlBosses 📸 @erick_adls • babes @thehautebrunette @joiceoliveira
  • That Saturday feeling •• Atuendos para dias como hoy.  #athleisurewear @kswiss #sponsored #Kswiss #Tubes
  • Soho Mornings •• Vestidos con alas #PostNYFW #nyblogger #sohomornings 📸 @erick_adls
  • Getting to last night's event wearing @pinkoofficial •• Dias que se transforman en noches eternas 📸 @erick_adls
  • Fashion Week is not about clothes. Its about people and finding creative inspiration in one another •• No pierdan perspectiva buscando inspiración 📸 @erick_adls
  • Caution: Flying through #NYFW •• Siempre en movimiento 📸 @erick_adls
  • Blue velvet & color pops ••📸 @erick_adls
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