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  • When you travel for ...21 hours, Don't get much sleep, feel a little cracked out and know your going to hit the ground running - but feel ready for anything. ✈️🍾 24hours in Bangkok. ALONE. Lets see how many places I can fit into the schedule, shall we? Selfie mode on. •• Ya les quiero contar todo en el blog! •• More on Instastories-- Can't stop wearing @millennial_nyc 💞. #GirlTravelingAlone #FlightOfSpiceBangkoking #Wanderlust #GypsetSpice #AsiaTravels #MexicanTravelling
  • Coffee at home (in NY) before hitting the road •• Un momento en paz antes de salir corriendo. #ReadyToTravel •• Thailand. Here I come. #gypsetliving #gypsetstyle #travelingthailand
  • Come on, give me a reason to stay 💘 •• Me voy mañana y quiero llevarte conmigo. •• Shooting vegan leather and 3D jewelry with @millennial_nyc & @monicavarela Emerging designers with something to say. Soon on Flight Of Spice #MillenialNYC #LeDuh @dreamsonairnyc
  • Easy Sunday - searching for new places to brunch... •• Aprovechando la ciudad! •• btw Love my new haircut! Thanks @aveda 💞 !
  • Sailing with you! 💞 Crossing yet another thing off our bucket list (and a little step closer to sailing around the Mediterranean). More on our sailing soon on video! •• Aprendiendo a navegar ⛵️ ¿Quién dijo regatta? •• Thank you @soulsailingnyc for the amazing classes! @nautica for the on-point outfits and @photosesh App for sending us an amazing photographer - I can't believe you guys can book photographers in all of the US! 📷@donngeezy #TeamWork #SailingWin #Collabs
  • Coffee before a night out. Shoe Porn. Enough said. •• Tacones 🙌 @lanvinofficial #casualglam #shoesgram #lanvinparis
  • Foodie Stories up on the blog today •• Recomendando los mejores lugares en Nueva York #ThisPlaceFoodie
  • Getting Ready for the next trip •• Preparando Maletas- snapped by my 💞 @mrmillsmc
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