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  • Mexico has been devastated by a massive earthquake and the country does not have the resources, equipment or personnel to keep up with the casualties. There are still survivors under the rubble. Hotels have opened their doors as shelters. Restaurants are donating food to thousands of victims and volunteers. Many have opened their homes to strangers. Civilians have taken matters into their own hands to dig people out - but we need your help. Anything helps •• 🖤•• thank you -  #FuerzaMexico -{direct link in bio} please share this information - more on my blog and youtube
  • I love Sundays! Lets enjoy the sun while it lasts - even if it means climbing on rooftops •• Aferrada a lo que queda del verano #NYCRooftops #nycbloggers #EndOfSummer #Prefall 📸 @erick_adls
  • FW withdrawals. Its so easy to meet cool girls and bump into good friends when you come in and out of shows in fashion week! - now that its over we actually have to plan and coordinate to meet up 🙄 What are you up to tonight, New York!? •• ¿No les pasa que es imposible coordinar encontrase con las amigas? #SaturdaySwag #Squadgoals #GirlBosses 📸 @erick_adls • babes @thehautebrunette @joiceoliveira
  • That Saturday feeling •• Atuendos para dias como hoy.  #athleisurewear @kswiss #sponsored #Kswiss #Tubes
  • Soho Mornings •• Vestidos con alas #PostNYFW #nyblogger #sohomornings 📸 @erick_adls
  • Getting to last night's event wearing @pinkoofficial •• Dias que se transforman en noches eternas 📸 @erick_adls
  • Fashion Week is not about clothes. Its about people and finding creative inspiration in one another •• No pierdan perspectiva buscando inspiración 📸 @erick_adls
  • Caution: Flying through #NYFW •• Siempre en movimiento 📸 @erick_adls
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