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  • ALWAYS take the path less traveled. Make sure at the end of the road you can look back and say "I have truly lived". •• Coleccionista de aventuras. #WandererlustAddict #BloggersTakeCR @olasverdes
  • 🌺🌺🌺 Pura vida Brunch •• Comiéndome la vista ✌️😎 #BloggersTakeCR @casachanaleonhotels
  • Look for the bare necessities.The simple bare necessities. •• Lo único que necesito: jungla y mar @olasverdes @vq.swimwear #BloggersTakeCR
  • Life in Costa Rica like: 💬 @thedemeler : Do you think we should do shots after this drink? 💬Me: Are you seriously doubting this? 💁🏻 🍹 •• Que todos los días sean como este. #happyhumpday
  • Morning surf classes after yoga!  Water sports are def my thing 💞🤘🌊 •• Amo el mar. •• At @olasverdes in @cotiluactivewear surf gear ✌️#BloggersTakeCR
  • Early breakfast with a view and moroccan inspired interiors. 😎 The start of another day in paradise •• Siempre jugos verdes. #BloggersTakeCR
  • Seek that feeling of absolute freedom! Surround yourself with positive people and explore the world. •• Super agradecida con la vida. 💞 #BloggersTakeCR
  • Roadtrip with the girls!!! Babe, come cruise through Costa Rica with me ✌️🍍Where do you want to go?? •• y, adivinen quién va manejando!? •• Loving riding with a sustainable conscious co! @europcarcostarica #BloggersTakeCR
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