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My most honest posts. Life adventures, goals and dreams.

Shake Dreams from your Hair

“Awake. Shake dreams from your hair my pretty child, my sweet one. Choose the day and choose the sign of your day the day’s divinity First thing you see.” So goes the Ghost Song by “The Lizzard King” (The doors). As I looked back at my Instagram posts from the last couple of years I couldn’t´t help but draw a…
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Honest Threesome

I am currently updating the blog to show a more real version of who I am. It seems that I have never really showed you what takes up MOST of my life and for that, I apologize. You will read more on that later. For now all I can tell you is that this new take on things seems to have led…
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Simple Spring / Shirt Dress

  Jewelry by Jimena Bolaños  This season I have decided to go back to BASICS. To what really makes me tick. I look back at the blog and it feels. . . a bit empty. It feels like I have lost my essence.  Have you ever felt that way? . . . When life and everything outside you just overfloods…
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Achieve Your Resolutions

New Year´s resolutions are hard to achieve. The idea of doing something for 12 months is always daunting. This is why I like to do quarterly goals. Every 4 months I look for specific goals based on long term dreams and a plan to achieve them. For example, if the dream is to do a road trip around France and stop…
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Loss during holidays

As you know I went missing for about a week recently. I disappeared to my uncle´s funeral in Mexico. He was that cool uncle that took me to all the Rock concerts when I was too young to go. The one that covered for me in front of my parents and picked me up from anywhere anytime. The joker. The one…
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