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Travelling Tips and Stories within Costa Rica

A Cold Morning in Bed in Bogota

Another Day in Beautiful Bogota! Yes. I know it looks like I don´t do much – but I have a FULL day lined up! (and I am KNACKERED). Emails to be answered, designs to be rendered, proposals to be sent. Phone calls to be answered. Late Brunch meeting, Lunch meetings, Gallery visits and an afternoon to catch up with my…
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Quick Polo Game in Bogota

  A quick game of Polo in Bocheritos,  just outside Bogota. Don´t get me wrong -I can´t REALLY ride a horse. I have had learnt along the way to get to places (one day Ill post my Mexican photo trails and Peru trip etc). Either way, i LOVED POLO. It was so much fun! loved the people -loved the games,…
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