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Travelling Tips and Stories within Costa Rica

Ones by Sosu

This Place is one you cannot miss if you are in Japan. Ones by Sosu is a concept store in Omotesando, one of the coolest neighborhoods in the city. It serves specialty organic coffee and delicious snacks, offers a wide range of gorgeous, hipster flower arrangements and has a designer pop-up store inside. Does this tick all the boxes for…
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  We got to the Hotel Belmar as an improvised escapade. Matthew decided to kidnap me for an anniversary getaway the day before, he googled and found the hotel. I was told to pack for cold weather. The drive up was only a few hours from San José . The views were simply spectacular. The pictures we took simply don´t do…
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Sea Influence

A few days ago Line Up trends gathered the top bloggers in Costa Rica to take them on an adventure. “The engine, speakers and cameras went on. We had a cocnut on one hand, and Mango shades in the other. Nothing else. Our personalities were a range of the full spectrum and our styles unique. Happy to be at sea…
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