Travelling Tips and Stories in the American Continent

Havanna Cuba

 I always wanted to see Cuba before the international influence flooded in. I wanted to get an insight into the culture after the revolution and the political structure (out of curiosity) at the time. Although I think I was a bit late for that, What I saw was an era of transition, where the country began to flourish and heal.…
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As a child I spent several New Years Eves in NOLA thank´s to my parents. Being too young to party I remember two things: good food and good music. This trip was about exploring the city´s inooks and cranny´s with two aims: Finding the best Jazz club and the best gourmet food in town. Mathew, my husband patiently accompanied me…
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Manuel Antonio Costa Rica

I strongly believe that a place is what you make of it.  From the moment we moved to Costa Rica (over 4 years now) we made the decision to EXPLORE and make some juicy lemonade from the lemons we were handed. Although there are still some nooks and crannies to cover in the south, we have seen, tasted and lived the PURA VIDA.…
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