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Sea Influence

A few days ago Line Up trends gathered the top bloggers in Costa Rica to take them on an adventure. “The engine, speakers and cameras went on. We had a cocnut on one hand, and Mango shades in the other. Nothing else. Our personalities were a range of the full spectrum and our styles unique. Happy to be at sea…
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Manuel Antonio Costa Rica

I strongly believe that a place is what you make of it.  From the moment we moved to Costa Rica (over 4 years now) we made the decision to EXPLORE and make some juicy lemonade from the lemons we were handed. Although there are still some nooks and crannies to cover in the south, we have seen, tasted and lived the PURA VIDA.…
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Foodie Mexico City

Recently, Suck Yi Yee, from Eat Look Travel Book interviewed me on what were my favourite restaurants in México. The collaboration was a great success and for me an absolute delight to be part of her blog. On the interview I tried to cover locations for all tastes but I have to say, every time I visit the city I discover…
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