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  • Destinations TRAVEL

    But First, Paris

    Today we moved out of the apartment at Stamford and into NYC. Crazy day. We jumped on our Uber, dropped off our bags at the new place, got back in the…

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  • Best cappuccino - coffee structure - Flight Of Spice Blog by Di Carolina-1

    Cappuccino in San José

    WHY I WROTE THIS POST Costa Rica is known for a lot of things – one of them the quality of it´s coffee but it is not only the coffee beans that needs to…

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  • Havana Cuba cañonazo
    Destinations TRAVEL

    Havanna Cuba

     I always wanted to see Cuba before the international influence flooded in. I wanted to get an insight into the culture after the revolution and the political structure (out of curiosity)…

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  • This Place TRAVEL


      We got to the Hotel Belmar as an improvised escapade. Matthew decided to kidnap me for an anniversary getaway the day before, he googled and found the hotel. I was…

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    Destinations TRAVEL


    As a child I spent several New Years Eves in NOLA thank´s to my parents. Being too young to party I remember two things: good food and good music. This trip…

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  • Lifestyle blogger Costa Rica Line Up trends
    This Place TRAVEL

    Sea Influence

    A few days ago Line Up trends gathered the top bloggers in Costa Rica to take them on an adventure. “The engine, speakers and cameras went on. We had a cocnut…

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