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  • Boho-Vibes-feature
    Covet STYLE

    Elevated Boho I

    As I mentioned on my previous post I want to reinvent my style by exploring certain iconic trends and blending them to my everyday kooks. I want to start by decoding the elevated boho:…

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  • A-blogger-in-NYFW-
    Fashion Week STYLE

    My NYFW Recap

      See the Trailer on Instagram     So here it is darlings!! In case you missed all my Snapchats & InstaStories a little recap of #NYFW on my YouTube Chanel!…

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  • Fashion week Outfit of the Day - first day 2 Fall Winter 2017-7
    Fashion Week Outfits STYLE

    NYFW Ballet

    The night before Matthew booked a night at the Lincoln center. The Sleeping Beauty ballet was spectacular to say the least. If you get a chance, Go.  Still dazzled with the…

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  • Fashion Week Outfits STYLE

    NYFW Snow Storm

    I walked head down against the wind amongst a blizzard of beautiful falling snowflakes.My moonboots crunched them as soon as they hit the floor. I got to the Skylight Clarkson venue…

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  • the power of women
    Outfits STYLE

    The power of Women

    To me, being a woman is about freedom, it is about passion and about fighting for ones dreams regardless of obstacles and opinions. Being a woman is about shattering the glass…

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  • The secret to stay warm in winter
    Covet STYLE

    Winter Secrets

      My parents in law, came to New York over the holidays. As we walked through a snowy Central Park I shivered while Eve gracefully strolled without a flinch. What was her secret?! Obviously,…

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