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LWD meshed

  Before I wrote this post I googled “Little white dress” to find inspiration. I looked for something witty to say and researched online to find out why LWDs are such a large trend right now but I found nothing exciting. I have concluded that the LWD is simply the essence of summer. And that is that.  There is no revealing trend, no…
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3 for Summer

There are three trends this summer that I love: Worn Shorts with blouses or bodies White Lace Off the shoulder blouses They are SO easy to wear and find in shops that you cannot go without trying them!Gladiators, white tennis shoes or slip on sandals look great with all three trends and sunglasses are the best accessory. 😉 If you are…
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70´s Vintage

Some people take fashion way too seriously. – Don´t get me wrong, Fashion is art, a lifestyle and one of the most influential industries but when it comes to  everyday dressing life should not be complicated and boring. Life is an opportunity, have fun, try all the flavours of life and fight for what we believe in . . .…
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Everyday Sexy

We met outside The Market (a restaurant in Costa Rica), a few metres away from where Olga and Maria Alejandra showcased their collection on the catwalk. Sitting between them, I immediately realized their contrasting personalities.They were both super sweet and typically Caleñas (Colombian Region). As we began to talk, I began to understand the duality of their brand – a mix…
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Blue Shirt Dress

Shirt dresses are so In. They always have been. I think they are as trendy as they are classy – and much like a regular shirt, they are a white canvas to personal style. Accessories can dress them up or down as we please, they work brilliantly with layers for colder weathers (see my Urban Shirt Dress Post) or alone…
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