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Paris in the Spring time

Paris in the spring is my inspiration for this outfit. I am still in New York but something about this temperamental weather reminds me of the city of love. We have suffered a long winter and the weather gods won´t give us a break. It is as if we were paying penitence for a sin we don´t know we have committed.…
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Gingham is an English pattern developed in the 17th Century. A century later it was still being produced in England as an inexpensive and “fashionable” fabric.  By then, it was a popular print in all of Europe. . . I tell you all this because a bit of history goes a long way. When we wear it, we carry a…
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Simple Spring / Shirt Dress

  Jewelry by Jimena Bolaños  This season I have decided to go back to BASICS. To what really makes me tick. I look back at the blog and it feels. . . a bit empty. It feels like I have lost my essence.  Have you ever felt that way? . . . When life and everything outside you just overfloods…
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NYFW Ballet

The night before Matthew booked a night at the Lincoln center. The Sleeping Beauty ballet was spectacular to say the least. If you get a chance, Go.  Still dazzled with the magic of the show I woke up, turned on my spotify “wake up” (mostly rock) playlist and created this look. NYFW outfit of the day #2. Inspiration: Th last…
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NYFW Snow Storm

I walked head down against the wind amongst a blizzard of beautiful falling snowflakes.My moonboots crunched them as soon as they hit the floor. I got to the Skylight Clarkson venue feeling grateful for having worn winter clothes and proudly opened my husband´s vintage WWII aviator jacket to display my unicorn-tshirt by Miu-Miu (new season, of course. Bloggers are expected to…
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