Fashionable things I want, really really badly.

Spring Babies

Spring is here and I am THRILLED to tell you I have stored all my coats into oblivion. I don´t want to wear them, I don´t want to see them and I certainly don´t want them to steal protagonism from skimpy shots and flowy blouses in my closet. What thrills me the most about the warmer days ahead is that…
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Pinko Jean had it´s big launch yesterday in New York and I want it all. Ok. Lets take a step back. For those of you who do not know PINKO, it is an Italian brand that came to be in the 80´s. Personally, I came across it the first time in Barcelona, where I lived with a couple of Italians, a…
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Elevated Boho I

As I mentioned on my previous post I want to reinvent my style by exploring certain iconic trends and blending them to my everyday kooks. I want to start by decoding the elevated boho: I have pulled inspiration from muses who created the style, like Stevie Nicks and Janis Joplin, and from icons who currently carry it it flawlessly, like Sienna Miller and…
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Fashion Week Cravings 01

I have only been to a few NYFW. Once as a blogger and THIS will be my first living in New York! I have to admit It is super exciting! And since I got the big YES from a few of my favorite brands, I have been combing the internet looking for the perfect outfit.  Here are some of the…
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Winter Secrets

  My parents in law, came to New York over the holidays. As we walked through a snowy Central Park I shivered while Eve gracefully strolled without a flinch. What was her secret?! Obviously, unlike me, she has survived a cold winter or two. But a slight smirk on her face told me she was holding a secret. “Are you not cold!?” I…
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