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  Red-Pink lips caught my eye in the mirror. The make up pros had done it again. It looked as if I had been sucking on a cherry ice lolly – and it brought me back. I am ususally not one for nostalgia, and I don´t know if you had anything like this, but in Mexico I grew up eating…
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Aromaflor Vs. Cancer

  El cancer de Mama es una enfermedad que nos ha afectado a muchos, directa o indirectamente. Como muchas otras personas, he acompañado a seres queridos durante esta enfermedad y he visto como amigos sufren con sus familias. Hasta dónde la ciencia nos deja ver, es algo causado por una combinación de factores, desde cuestiones hereditarias, hormonales, químicas y hasta…
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Chilled Sunday

Sometimes it is hard to describe how we feel and it is simply better done with music. I am addicted to it. I cannot live without it and I want to share it with you. So here it is, my SUNDAY PLAYLIST.    Sponsored by Carolina Herrera Costa Rica  Enjoy LINK TO PLAYLIST  HERE
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How to deal with sugar cravings

Im more of a cheese-for desert-kind of girl. I rarely crave sweets – but when I do I want the most decadent, luscious, sweet, creamy, delicious things available. All together and all at once. . . in tiny doses. But it wash´t always like that. There has been a time where I would sit and FINISH a bucket of ice-cream…
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