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The Mind behind the Cleanse

Feeling good about your life and yourself is the ultimate luxury. This is why I detox twice a year. If you have ever done a detox you probably know that one of the hardest things of doing it is to maintain the willpower. Specially if you do it for a long period of time. And obviously, just when you start your…
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Detox your life in Jan

Have you ever felt fat and sluggish after the holidays? Do you want to begin the year with a clean slate?  Achieve more goals than last year?  Yes, I am totally with you. This is why every year,  the 2nd of January, I start a 1-month life detox. It is my way to get back in shape after the holidays, “reboot”…
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Achieve Your Resolutions

New Year´s resolutions are hard to achieve. The idea of doing something for 12 months is always daunting. This is why I like to do quarterly goals. Every 4 months I look for specific goals based on long term dreams and a plan to achieve them. For example, if the dream is to do a road trip around France and stop…
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Loss during holidays

As you know I went missing for about a week recently. I disappeared to my uncle´s funeral in Mexico. He was that cool uncle that took me to all the Rock concerts when I was too young to go. The one that covered for me in front of my parents and picked me up from anywhere anytime. The joker. The one…
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