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  • DESIGN Fashion is Art

    Custo Barcelona

    I somehow managed to squeeze myself into the front row of a packed Custo show. Seating a couple of places away from Agatha Ruiz the la Prada and across of some of…

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  • DESIGN Fashion is Art

    Black in NYC

    When I find a color darker than black, I will wear it. Until then, I´m wearing black! – Coco Chanel New Yorkers wear black. Parisians wear black.  Karl Lagerfeld, Michael Kors,…

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  • Create That Vibe DESIGN

    Velvet & Satin

    Velvet and Satin (or silk) are IT right now. I have been truly infatuated with these two trends for both in fashion and for interior decor. They are the perfect accents for…

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  • Design collaboration with blogger
    Fashion is Art

    Perpetual Flight

     “Would you like to do a design collaboration with the brand?” My eyes opened wide. Golden glitter stars oozed from them as I puked rainbows from excitement. Snapchat filters had nothing on…

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  • OCELOTE entrevista cesar flores
    Be Inspired


    I had the opportunity to interview Cesar Flores, the creator of Ocelote. Guys, this is one of my favourite mexican designers due to the simplicity of his garments and the subtle…

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  • Be Inspired

    MBFWSJ: Design

    Most of us go to fashion events looking for inspiration of what to wear and see the upcoming trends. Talking to experts, fashionistas and other bloggers during the MBFW in San…

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