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Pregnancy announcement power coup-le- Di Carolina -Di carolina

Di Carolina Pregnancy Announcement -01


Pregnancy announcement power coup-le- Di Carolina -Di carolina

Pregnancy announcement power coup-le- Di Carolina -24

Photos by Rachel from The NuWa

I have never been the maternal kind. I am the first to admit. I am very caring, don´t get me wrong. I guess I just have never been…broody. While all my friends dreamt about weddings and the perfect family I was planning my next trip and writing my next business plan.  I was that cold hearted bitch that hated crying babies on planes and rolled my eyes at parents with toddlers in restaurants. Yes. Karma is a bitch too and I know this little one is going to be a hyperactive, irreverent, ball of energy. Just like his/her mom. And I can´t WAIT to meet baby. Although, secretly, I hope it is more like its dad.

I don´t know. Life changes dramatically over night. This pregnancy comes very welcome but it wasn’t really trully planned. Everything  just sort of  fell into place and if it isn´t the perfect timing, we are going to have to make it so!

As you may know, about two years ago I became tragically allergic to birth control. I just couldn’t tolerate the hormones and began to get ill with migraines and nausea. I broke out with hives and cystic acne and went into depression. After many tests I decided to stop taking birth control all together. I detoxed for a year and went full-out natural. I stopped taking all sorts of medication and processed food. Substituted pills for superfoods and a vitamin rich diet and we monitored birth control with the rythm method. Yes, that old wives trick works like magic.

Matthew, on the other hand, has been wanting babies for the last year. Between you and I, I don´t think he was truly ready but he knew it would take a long time to get me there. He began lobbying persistently about 10 months ago. During my Vietnam trip, I realized I was finally ready.  “OK. Lets give it a go. I´m ready to start trying.”. He picked me up from the airport and took me to the St Regis instead of going home. We did it on the right day. I wasn’t expecting anything to happen but to my surprise, I got pregnant that night.

Ladies, timing is EVERYTHING. That, lots of exercise and taking a green shot with maca every morning. And quite honestly, I also think that a bit of luck and being truly OPEN to the possibility helped a lot.

So here we are. 2.5 months into a beautiful pregnancy. One filled with Love, lots of naps and a all-day morning sickness.

Which is why I have not been posting. I also wanted to take a moment to take it all in. To give this baby the energy and attention it deserved so it could grab on properly to my uterus.  It just felt like it was too good to be true. To easy. To be honest after what I had been through I was expecting to struggle getting pregnant and even possibly try IVF. So I got scared and took all the precautionary measures. And although the riskiest part is not over, I couldn´t resist and wanted to share as much as my pregnancy with you as I could. So I am back and we cannot wait to make you part of this CREATIVE PROCESS.

You will see this creation infused all over the blog. Because that is what this blessing is to me. My gorgeous first born will be a reminder that we can make something from nothing and use what is around us to create something exceptional. So, no. I will not become a diaper mommy blogger. Most of what you will see here won´t be ABOUT the baby, or my pregnancy (although I will give you updates often). What you will see is a surge of creativity and honesty on this blog. My life is about to change and I hope we can grow something beautiful around it.

Oh – and PS. We am planning to wait until the day I give birth to find if its a boy or girl. Do you think we can wait until then? Would you be able to?. . .

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wow. thats a lot to take in. Isn´t it?

See our Exclusive announcement and our interview at THE NUWA!! and find out more about us!

Special thanks to Summer and Rachel for the great coverage and photos!



🎁 It’s time for that Holiday Gift Guide!! Can you believe how fast this year has flown by? I feel like I spent most of it pregnant of breastfeeding – and just when things were getting back into a usual flow – the year is over! This means the holidays are here and if you haven’t started your holiday shopping yet and used all the fall discounts, then I am here to guide you. We all need some help getting a great gift for our loved ones, trust me I know! So, The team and I spend many hours combing the internet to find the perfect gifts for everyone you could possibly need to get gifts for this year. So click away and let us do all the hard work!  I can guarantee they will LOVE these!🎁

holiday gift guide 2018


Also – stay tuned on my Instagram account because this year I am partnering with some of my favorite brands and I am GIVING THE LOVE BACK by giving my most loyal followers a GIFT – stuff that I actually swear by! So stick around, darling!


Now, let’s get A-shopping!

(Guides below:

  BFF, Man in your life, Mom, Dad, Cool Dude, Luxury Queen, Beauty Junkie, Fitness Babe, Co Worker, New momma.)



The perfect GIFT for your BFF

Because you are my sister and always there.

…and if she was extra nice: A W Britt bracelet or a Uno de 50 Pendant

Wbritt bracelet gift guide holidays 2018
Wbritt bracelet gift guide holidays 2018
Uno de 50 gifts holiday 2018-01
Uno de 50 gifts holiday 2018-01




The ideal ” I LOVE YOU” for that man in your life

You complete me – and I still get butterflies.




Gifts for your Queen Momma

Mom, thanks for the genes and Merry Christmas.






Gifts for the first man in your life – (aka) Dad

Daddy, you’ll always be number one.




The one thing that cool dude doesn’t have

You get me into all the cool places.




Gifts for the Luxury Queen (that fit your budget)

You icon. Style guru.

And if you want something made specially for them, try M. Gemi.

MGemi Gift Guide Holiday 2018-01
MGemi Gift Guide Holiday 2018-01

Or a Vegan leather Jacket by Karen Thomas

and stick around because we will be giving away one of her Suade Jackets this Christmas on my Instagram account!

NY holiday gift guide 2018
NY holiday gift guide 2018
NY holiday gift guide 2018




The perfect present for the (CLEAN) Beauty Junkie in your life!

Beautiful but so ECO.

For the Beauty Geek defying time

Forever Young. No needles.






Presents for that Fitness Babe that always motivates you.

You make me get out of bed on Sundays.






Your Co-Worker`s perfect present

Family from 9 to 5.






Gifts for the babies in your life

The sweetest little thing. Ever.




Gifts for New Mommas (& Mommas to be!)

Because only other moms know what you are going though.

A Special Gift for that new momma in your life
Mia Medak Pegasus pendant - jewelry gift guide holidays 2018-01
If you are looking for a special gift for a new mom, give her the Mia Medak Pegasus pendant. A talisman and reminder that they are the north star and guide to their little ones. A piece created to inspire strength in the toughest of days. As a new mom, I can tell you it is little things like this that make you feel special.
Mia Medak also has lots of other beautifully crafted pieces that can make fantastic gifts for moms and special women in your life.
If you like her designs stay tuned for the Holiday giveaways as the designer will be giving one of her favorite pendants away to my readers!!! Follow @dicarolina on Instagram  for more
Mia Medak jewelry gift guide holiday 2018


How to travel with a baby. Traveling with an infant. -1How to travel with a baby. Traveling with an infant. -1 How to travel with a baby. Traveling with an infant. -1


Traveling has been an important part of my life. Hell, to be honest, it has been the CORE of my life forever. I went to school abroad, I met my husband traveling. My jobs always have required I move around. I simply cannot imagine living in one place or staying in one place for ever. . . but lately I have had no choice. I  had no idea how to How to Travel with a Baby.

Being pregnant prevented me from traveling long distances, later, when Frankie came, she was too small to move around without vaccines  – and I hurt my tailbone delivering her, so I could not really sit still for too long without suffering excruciating pain. . .but now I feel “the non-traveling curse” has been lifted. This week we took our first flight as a family.

And to be fully honest I was DREADING IT.

Have you EVER been single and / or childless and sat next to a baby on a plane? I swear I think that it was exactly those experiences that made me not want to have kids for SO long. I dreaded this day with all my might. I mean, who knows how to travel with a Baby? Would Frankie be a flying baby or not? How would we cope if she wasn’t? Would that mean the end of our traveling days?

I wasn´t taking any chances and began to prepare months in advance.


We put Frankie on a schedule from week 3, and yes, some say it is too young, but it is not as harsh as it sounds. More than a schedule it is more like a pattern. A routine. I have been told there are several books about this, but I relied entirely on a professional´s advice. Rocio Flores, sleep consultant, mother of 2 and baby behavior expert, recommended we set a simple pattern:

Eat, Play, Sleep. The minute she wakes up, it starts again. Eat, Play, Sleep. All day. And in between and during these “blocks”, there are certain “cues” that help us condition her behavior. Just like you would have a sleeping ritual for your baby at night, we do this with every cycle. So, she knows what is coming – and it keeps us from guessing what is wrong if she cries.

What is even better -it helps us PREVENT tears and screams by having her food ready before she wakes up, or her toys ready for entertaining before she gets fuzzy. We know she likes cuddles and dancing before naps and we know she needs a diaper change after every meal.

Knowing what to expect and being prepared is EVERYTHING when traveling with an infant. Having a team of two was also invaluable. Matthew and I have always worked great together and this time we took turns dancing and entertaining her – which allowed both of us to get some rest on the way there.

On the way back we travelled during her night sleep (she usually sleeps about5-7  hrs straight) so we kept her awake and skiped a “cycle” to adjust her to  the time difference between NY & LA. She slept through the plane ride no problem. . .  well, with a slight problem: she slept on top of me, which meant I could not move to go to the bathroom or have my airplane meal… but its not like I was missing much (eww, plane food). So it was totally worth it. A bit older she will need her own seat.


Since my last trimester of pregnancy, I have been a member of the JetBlack consierge services. This is a shopping and delivery consierge tailored specially for Manhattan mommas. Basically you TEXT them what you need and they send you options. Options chosen by other mommas in the area, who, like me, have similar needs and probably need the things as urgently as I do.

As a first time mom, with no family around and NO baby experience, this service has been paramount.A conversation with them usually goes like this.

ME: Baby has diaper rash. What do I need. Recommend only organic / non toxic products.

JET BLACK: Looking into it now.

Sending recommendations.

  1. Earth Mama Organic Diaper Balm Calendula Cream, 2-Fluid Ounce $8.30
  2. Era Organics Diaper Rash Cream 2oz $13.00
  3. Honest Diaper Rash Cream 2oz $8.00

ME: Send Number 3.  RUSH.

Jetblack delivers within 24-48 hrs. to my door, in a luxurious black bag. LIFE saving. I tell you. (Oh and they also help me shop for my clothes. I just send screenshots of what I am after).

So, for traveling they recommended a few things that made the trip MUCH smoother. Among them are:

  1. The Sound bub Owl. We taught Frankie to sleep to that anywhere. Worked like a charm on the plane.
  2. Woolino Sleep Blanket. Its like a swaddle but no sleeves and zips up. Perfect for airplane AC.
  3. Joovy Boob formula dispenser. Because my milk supply is low. (Ive told the story on Instagram many times. If you follow me, you know how PISSED off I am with that IBCLC that miss-diagnosed us.)
  4. Jj Cole Changing Clutch. No diaper bag needed,.
  5. blüv – Üvi 4-in-1 Portable UV Sterilizer.



Do not stop traveling when you become a mother. Never stop trravelling

When it comes to traveling with a little one, I think the preparation comes way before the trip. And I will not lie to you –  it is absolutely exhausting. It requires being on your toes and preventing the drama. It means being ready, bouncing, entertaining and sleeping more uncomfortably than usual on a plane. But it CAN be done.

I feel that knowing her cues and having a schedule (and working with it before the flight) made all the difference. But I what do I know, it has only been one flight! Lets see how our next trip goes. Like I said on Instagram, the aim is to keep traveling as a family, as much as possible . . .  but ask me again when she starts walking. That may be a whole different strategy and story all together.


Mommas, any advice?

Also – Looking for ways to wear nice clothes around my little koala. Insights welcome and much appreciated!!!


NYFW SS19 Day 1 OUtfit of the day blogger -01


NYFW SS19 Day 1 OUtfit of the day blogger -01
NYFW SS19 Day 1 OUtfit of the day blogger -01
NYFW SS19 Day 1 OUtfit of the day blogger -01

NYFW SS19 Day 1 OUtfit of the day blogger -01 NYFW SS19 Day 1 OUtfit of the day blogger -01

This is what I wore on NYFW SS19 – Day One.

YES. I just had a baby and No, I am not slowing down. Last season I was 2 months pregnant and it feels SO good to be back! Although I have to admit, it took me a second to get my groove back. Shoutout to all my momma bloggers who are doing FW with a new baby at home – and KILLING IT! As a new momma its easy to get a bit of FOMO leaving our babies behind when we go out the door and reincorporate to our everyday jobs. I had some serious guilt for missing her bedtime! Then again, once I was out the vibe of Fashion Week was a massive reminder of how much I love what I do.  I am super lucky to do what I love and to be able to share it with you!!!

Today I wore a military inspired trend. CAMO is trending but you know I always look for easy simple and more versatile pieces that I can dress up or down with accessories. Last week I wore this dress with dad sneakers and also LOVED it. I also wore my gold jewelry set instead and a messy hair bun. I went to meetings, ran errands and did our usual park stroll of the day. YES. This whole thing of being a working momma is not easy. It takes massive amounts of coordination and motivation. But I am totally digging it!


Shows attended: Nicloe Miller. A personal fave every season. I love how she combines an edgy vibe with feminine cuts and materials. If you have not seen my Outfit trailer on IGTV from last season you totally have to check it out.

And if you want to SEE THE SHOWS go to my NEW SECTION, Edited by Erick Alva de la Selva. (In house Photographer). Best shots of the show.

I wore Made in NY dress. Valentino Heels. YSL Patent leather bag and Karen Thomas NY Jacket.

Jewelry is a mix of Parpalla, W Brittany, Lane + Lanae and family vintage.



Summer Suits 2 Flight of spice

Summer Suits 2 Flight of spice


Summer Suits are SO  in right now. They are the epitome of female empowerment. They are sexy, versatile and classic – you simply cannot go wrong… except when you live in a city where “summer” means  heatwaves and humidity.

I have been wanting to wear this trend for EVER. As I saw my pregnant belly grow, I coveted the day I could fit in a proper suit. In the meantime Mr. Mills got a bespoke suit and one made to measure. I have never felt so jealous. Not only of his splurge, but of men´s fashion in general. Why should they have all the fun?! Sure, our alternatives are limitless, but when it comes to male style, true gentleman’s style, and especially suits, they go ALL OUT.

It is about the cut, the material, the tailor. Each piece is dedicatedly measured, fitted and created to fit like a glove to a specific man’s body. And as a woman, I can say I am an absolute sucker for a man in a suit – a REAL suit, that is; one that fits perfectly.

Sure, you see men in suits walk down the street EVERYDAY but those who took the time and trouble truly stand out. I don´t know. I have always had a thing for meticulous, slightly obsessive, good looking men. Men who take care of their aperance. Hell! I managed to marry one (and he LIVES IN bespoke suits)!. . .so yeah. Suits. I have a thing for them.

Not only do I like seeing them on men, but I LOVE wearing them. I honestly think there is nothing sexier for a woman than a well fitted jacket (with nothing but a bra underneath or a silk blouse), tailored trousers and stilettos. But in this heat the next best thing are shorts, and in a woman’s world – a fashionable jacket. Match with a bralette and VOILA! you have magic.


Wearing a BCBC jacket, Express Shorts. VS Bralette. Balenciaga Bag. Guess Heels.


What outfit makes you feel powerful? Do you have a go-to?