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Pregnancy announcement power coup-le- Di Carolina -Di carolina

Di Carolina Pregnancy Announcement -01


Pregnancy announcement power coup-le- Di Carolina -Di carolina

Pregnancy announcement power coup-le- Di Carolina -24

Photos by Rachel from The NuWa

I have never been the maternal kind. I am the first to admit. I am very caring, don´t get me wrong. I guess I just have never been…broody. While all my friends dreamt about weddings and the perfect family I was planning my next trip and writing my next business plan.  I was that cold hearted bitch that hated crying babies on planes and rolled my eyes at parents with toddlers in restaurants. Yes. Karma is a bitch too and I know this little one is going to be a hyperactive, irreverent, ball of energy. Just like his/her mom. And I can´t WAIT to meet baby. Although, secretly, I hope it is more like its dad.

I don´t know. Life changes dramatically over night. This pregnancy comes very welcome but it wasn’t really trully planned. Everything  just sort of  fell into place and if it isn´t the perfect timing, we are going to have to make it so!

As you may know, about two years ago I became tragically allergic to birth control. I just couldn’t tolerate the hormones and began to get ill with migraines and nausea. I broke out with hives and cystic acne and went into depression. After many tests I decided to stop taking birth control all together. I detoxed for a year and went full-out natural. I stopped taking all sorts of medication and processed food. Substituted pills for superfoods and a vitamin rich diet and we monitored birth control with the rythm method. Yes, that old wives trick works like magic.

Matthew, on the other hand, has been wanting babies for the last year. Between you and I, I don´t think he was truly ready but he knew it would take a long time to get me there. He began lobbying persistently about 10 months ago. During my Vietnam trip, I realized I was finally ready.  “OK. Lets give it a go. I´m ready to start trying.”. He picked me up from the airport and took me to the St Regis instead of going home. We did it on the right day. I wasn’t expecting anything to happen but to my surprise, I got pregnant that night.

Ladies, timing is EVERYTHING. That, lots of exercise and taking a green shot with maca every morning. And quite honestly, I also think that a bit of luck and being truly OPEN to the possibility helped a lot.

So here we are. 2.5 months into a beautiful pregnancy. One filled with Love, lots of naps and a all-day morning sickness.

Which is why I have not been posting. I also wanted to take a moment to take it all in. To give this baby the energy and attention it deserved so it could grab on properly to my uterus.  It just felt like it was too good to be true. To easy. To be honest after what I had been through I was expecting to struggle getting pregnant and even possibly try IVF. So I got scared and took all the precautionary measures. And although the riskiest part is not over, I couldn´t resist and wanted to share as much as my pregnancy with you as I could. So I am back and we cannot wait to make you part of this CREATIVE PROCESS.

You will see this creation infused all over the blog. Because that is what this blessing is to me. My gorgeous first born will be a reminder that we can make something from nothing and use what is around us to create something exceptional. So, no. I will not become a diaper mommy blogger. Most of what you will see here won´t be ABOUT the baby, or my pregnancy (although I will give you updates often). What you will see is a surge of creativity and honesty on this blog. My life is about to change and I hope we can grow something beautiful around it.

Oh – and PS. We am planning to wait until the day I give birth to find if its a boy or girl. Do you think we can wait until then? Would you be able to?. . .

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wow. thats a lot to take in. Isn´t it?

See our Exclusive announcement and our interview at THE NUWA!! and find out more about us!

Special thanks to Summer and Rachel for the great coverage and photos!



Everlane Basics

In the last month my life has turned upside down and flipped over again. After a sudden but planned moved out of Manhattan we had to change everything to stay longer and wait for my UK visa to arrive. I pmacked y and sent them in a container to the old continent, being left with nothing but spring dresses, ready for a Mexican spring vacation and in need of basics for a fresh start.

At 24 weeks pregnant, few things fit and fewer feel comfortable. My acquisitions are limited to pieces that will outlive my belly and essentials I cannot live without. Specially now that I will be living out of a suitcase indefinitely. In other words, I have found myself coveting a closet that, at it’s core, provides comfort, versatility and atemporality.

In come the Everlane white cotton box T-shirt, the forever chameleonic grey bodysuit, the perfect pair of jeans and neutral pumps. Impecable timing. The items arrived the day I moved out of my apartment. Life saving, practical, beautiful and forever comfortable.

This, together with a solid designer handbag can make any closet and form a solid base for any collection, both a permanent and a mobile one. Wether you are classic, minimalistic or trendy, these are pieces that cannot go amiss.

Thank you Everlane for making this transition a thousand times easier.

#Ad #DamnGoodDenim #AllDayLong @Everlane


We always knew this day would come. When we move to a new country, it is never permanent. For me, the last 12 years have been pieced together by 9 countries and over 20 moves – which is insane if you think about it. In this case, however, we will be back. Back because it is Manhattan and because we have pending business. But for now England awaits.

I have mixed feelings about this move. New York has felt like home long before we actually lived here. There are very few places where you are able to go out for dinner in some of the best restaurants in the world, watch top quality experimental theatre, hit some of the coolest hidden bars and see the sunrise listening to Jazz, all in one night. Fortunately, one of those few other places is London. And as eager as we are to rediscover a new city, we are sad to let this one go. Leaving was hard and we needed our move to feel easy.

The decision came really recently. I guess being pregnant with a second made us crave a bit of family comfort near by (Matthew is English, as you know) but also, wanderlust caught up. We have been craving traveling the way we used to and with kids, doing it through European countries with a car and a home base in England seems a lot more manageable than parting from New York – at least for now.

So, just like that, in a matter of weeks, the decision was made. We called our go-to movers, Roadway, and packed our life in 65 boxes and 4 suitcases. Well, to be honest, THEY packed it. You know how much I hate doing it (precisely because I have done it so many times!). All I had to do was fit our next few weeks in four suitcases that would come with us to Mexico before reaching our final destination.

The day we moved out of our Manhattan apartment, just as Roadway Movers were loading the last boxes (Way ahead of schedule, I might add), we received an email: UK Visa department had extended the deliberation of my for “at least” 15 working days. Crap.

Now, with a spring closet packed in our suitcases, we are stuck in the New York winter for at least three more weeks and until further notice. Nothing is tying us down. Nothing to worry about. Where shall we go? (stay with me on Instagram to see daily updates)


I AM PREGNANT – AGAIN! Francesca is now almost 9 months, and I am half way through my second pregnancy. With such a harsh winter, the bump is not quite as evident under all the layers, sweaters and coats. So I usually end up telling people – or they find out when I refuse a glass of wine or sushi (which never happens). The reaction I get when I tell people is shocking:





It gives me a kick every time and I have to say that if this pregnancy weren’t planned, people’s responses would be super discouraging. But the truth is that, after 25hrs of unmedicated labor, 5 hours of pushing, a broken tailbone and a failed attempt to breastfeed, I was ready for the second baby STAT.

Why? There is an emotional and a rational reason behind this.

Rationally, we were sure we wanted more than one baby – and I am not sure that if we waited two years, I would have gone through with it at all – or would have ben able to! My life has been full of “interruptions”. Every time we move to another country I have to start from scratch. New friends, new location, new place, and often – new work situation. It is definitely not that I am craving stability per se but I do crave some sort of professional continuity. I am exhausted of this stop and go roulette and have so many ideas I want to materialize – but have not been able to make the investment (emotional, time and financial) because it simply would not make sense to do so when I don’t know where I will be 2 years from now – or if I will have the availability. Also, after seeing other couples have kids, we fell in love with the dynamic of siblings who are so close together. How they share so much in life. It just made sense to us.

The next thing people ask me is why we took such a drastic turn? From NEVER wanting kids, to going all in. That is the emotional reason behind it. First of all, Matthew always wanted us to have a family. I slowly caved in – he would have been a waste of a great potential dad. Secondly, secretly I think I did always want kids but had protected myself from the possibility of NOT BEING ABLE TO HAVE THEM.

Confession: At 20 I was diagnosed with a strong case of Polycystic Ovaries (POCS). My doctor treated me for a year and got me on the pill. He advised me to be mentally prepared for infertility. At the time, motherhood was not even in my plans. I was never the broody type. I never had even imagined myself as a mom. So it was easy to say, ok, fine; If I can’t have them – then I will plan a life where I don’t want them.

Life went on. A few years laters I became severely allergic to the birth control pills. I think switching brands and doses as often as I moved countries and doctors eventually got to me. I began getting huge cystic acne on my face and blotches all over my body. I lost most of my hair and went off the pill.

I actually wanted to start a blog before this happened but I felt like such a monster that I would have never dared to sit infront of a camera or share an image of my face. I hid from the world. My husband was amazing through it all (we were already together by then). His confident, sexy, outgoing, party-girl fianceé became a shy, insecure, moody hermit.

I refused to meet new people or old friends. I limited my outings to yoga class and got REALLY into it because it was the ONLY thing that made me feel good. Nobody knew me there. They all accepted me. I began to take health courses. Ayurveda courses. Nutrition courses and went fully organic and working out twice a day, eating superfoods and taking supplements like Spirulina, Zink and Maca every morning. I was living in Costa Rica and fully embraced the eco life.

Slowly, over what was basically a DETOX period of 11 months, the hives disappeared and I resurfaced. I began a new business that thrived. Started this blog and took art, beaches and yoga to the extremes as personal therapy.

To this date, I am incredibly grateful to Costa Rica and the people who welcomed me in Krama, the Yoga school that reminded me who I was.

I tell you all this because, from the point when I began the detox to the day I became pregnant about 5 years went by. I was not on birth control. I was not aiming to get pregnant and used the “rythm method” but for all I know I may not have been fertile for all that time. Maybe I always was. Matthew waited patiently for me. Years later I decided to have babies on a trip with two girls I met in Yoga class. Call me crazy but it came to me after meditating on the top of the fire Angkor Wat Temple in Cambodia. It had already been cruising my mind, but I made the final decision then. I was READY. I called Matt when we got to the hotel and told him I was ready. A week later, he picked me up from the airport, took me to the Ritz in NYC and well, got me pregnant that same night!

Being able to have kids has been a fairytale for me. One that happened after a lot of hardship -and something that I am incredibly humbled and grateful for.

I am having a second baby back to back because, honestly it feels like such a gift to be able to do this and because deep inside I have a secret fear of loosing the power of being able to make a little humans with this body of mine. Life is so unpredictable.

Today I hope to be out of the diaper era in about two years and crack on with all the plans I have on hold. (But, like I said, life is unpredictable. I don’t know for sure where I will be in two years (physically). But today, I can make long term plans with full confidence for, what feels like the first time.


I have often been asked why non toxic nail polish is important, even for  girls who don’t always have their nails done. I mean, I totally get how inconvenient it is to have to think about one more non toxic thing when buying beauty products – and how HARD it is to find good quality, non toxic polish that looks good and doesn’t chip fast. Sometimes it is easier to go for a fast, lux looking fix and forget about it.

Honestly the reason why non toxic nail polish is not an immediate concern. It’s use is going to bring mostly long-term consequences. For example the exposure to nail polish chemical fumes for prolonged periods of time include interference with reproductive hormones (which can lead to infertility and/or miscarriages), kidney and liver damage, and on a more immediate level, eye and throat irritation, dizziness, migraines, and dry, cracked skin, according to  beauty expert Sable Yong. And even if those are extreme results, and you don’t always wear nail polish, the matter of fact is that the damage these strong products give you, in conjunction with the many other beauty products you do use on a daily basis, adds up.

I mean, it is not cheap for beauty companies to “switch to clean”. They are doing it not as a marketing stunt but as a response to strong pressure from health organizations. And Most brands get as far as being “3-free” or “5-Free” which means they eliminate the 3, or 5, most harmful chemicals in nail polish. They don’t go further because their folumaes loose quality without these ingredients. Unfortunately that isn’t enough. 

In comes brands like LondonTown. One of the very few 9-free brands I know that lasts for more than a week. And trust me – I have tried MANY. Ever since I became pregnant over a year ago, I decided to make the switch to everything clean (or as clean as possible without affecting style) and babes, when it comes to nails, I found “the one”. 

This is why I want to give you $100usd worth for free of these beautiful polishes. Consider this not a beauty gift, but a little nudge to cleaner, stylish living.  

To get the prize all you have to do is head over to the Londontown instagram, follow them, and then to my INSTAGRAM and follow me, and leave a comment on my Latest London Town photo. Thats it. The winner will be selected at random and announced on my Gram. 

And for my super smart beauty geeks that have asked what the 9-Free ingredients are (and should NEVER be in y our nail polish) here it is:

  1. Formaldehyde (also used to embalm dead bodies. carcinogen.)
  2. Formaldehyde Resin (usually makes polish harder. carcinogen)
  3. TPHP (flame retardant. Also a potential endocrine disruptor (“it could make you fat!”)
  4. Acetone (where do I start? read this)
  5. Ethyl Tosylamide (Plasticizer. increases your antibiotic resistance, which means meds won’t have the same effect on you when you get sick.)
  6. Xylene (avoids polish getting gloppy. Strong carcinogen.)
  7. DBP (linked to reproductive issues. This makes your polish chip free).
  8. Toulene (Basically Petrol/tar – linked to anemia, liver, and kidney damage, decreased blood cell count, and it can affect a developing fetus. Used for smoothness in polish. )
  9. Camphor (neurotoxin, which can cause seizures if ingested (biting your nails?) and liver damage when absorbed into the skin.)
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