Addicted to Black Shoes

Black shoes addiction

Black shoes addiction

It is true. I am Addicted to Black Shoes and although some argue they are too many, I am adamant that they are just enough (or almost, enough).

In all honesty, every time I buy a new black pair I always tell myself I will get the colorful pair next time – but  the powers of fashion  insist on designing something that tops off the previous pair and I am forever trapped in this vice. The black ones are always the most chic, elegant and badass. So yeah, I got the black ones again. And no, they are never too many. (Even if @mrmillsmc disagrees).

But there is an art and a key to owning many pairs of the same color – or rather, I should say: “there is a reason why you should own many pairs of shoes of the same color” and it is this: There is a time and place for every shoe. It is that simple – and it is a lot easier to nail the right shoe if your selection is distinctly marked by ocassion. Moreover, many would say that you can “read” a person by their shoes and this is undeniably true. The state of the shoes and style will tell you a lot about a person´s priority.  I want my shoes to say “polished but understated”, “sophisticated and well thought-out – without putting too much effort into it”. I achieve this with shoes that look different, expensive and are incredibly comfortable and versatile. I don´t have time to mess about.

So , if you are looking to create a solid capsule closet, a great place to start is with classic basics and a good range of shoes. This range should be able to get you through the most casual and most embellished occasions – and remember that a simple outfit can be made by the shoes.

Black shoes addiction
Black shoes addiction
Black shoes addiction

So yes, I am addicted to black shoes and my go tos are:

  • The casual sandal with heel
  • The summer flat sandal
  • The chic flat
  • The elegant minimal sandal
  • The pump
  • The boot


And to these, you can add an unlimited range of variations – specially in the pump and sandal category.

The advantage of this is that yes, you may have a lot of shoes the same color, but if you are working with a capsule closet, like me – they are all you need! And personally I rather have a great collection of shoes that I LOVE than an infinite range of shoes I may or may not wear. But I am not only addicted to black shoes. My other sin? White shoes. And in both cases I am mostly drawn by shape and comfort.

What do you think? Are you a once-color shoe person or a rainbow shoe addict?

Let me know what you think!