Suddenly I realized that being pregnant meant a lot more changes than I expected. Specially physically. And yes, like many other women, I am vain and self conscious – and quite frankly the last thing I need are stretch marks all over my body.

I am all for loving and accepting our bodies. And once I have my beautiful baby I will cope and be open about it. . .but until then I plan to do EVERYTHING in my power to minimize the damage. I don´t want to have terrible stretch marks and scars – I just want to be proud of whats left of my ex-bump when I give birth. Don´t you?

Sure that means eating healthy, drinking lots of water and staying active with some prenatal fitness classes. So far so good. But I need a bit more reassurance. I already begin to feel the stretch (14 weeks in) and begin to see slight lines on my breasts. Not thrilled.

I wanted a solution that would help me prevent stretch marks, scars and, while I am at it, revamp my Designer handbags. I don´t ask for much.

cocoa butter dyi - strectchmark solution

The solution to prevent Stretch marks, Scars and Designer handbags

After much research I found out that COCOA BUTTER is the best solution (and prevention) to pregnancy stretch marks. After a long search of the perfect cream and finding most have actually very little of the active ingredient I set out to make my own.

It turns out the formula is also amazing for scaring, hydrating (specially elbows, knees and heels) and – who would have known – leather hand bags. Mind blown.

Add your favorite Doterra essential oil and you´ve got it all.


If you are using it for stretch marks, the recommendation is to lather it on key areas morning, afternoon and night. Challenge accepted. Personally I already had a few stretch marks around my hips due to a growth spurt as a teenager – but they are super light. If you want to se them, subscribe to my blog (below). I will be posting the before and after pregnancy in about 6 months form now.

Find the organic ingredients here:

cocoa butter

vitamin e oil

avocado oil

coconut oil

doterra essential oils

And if you truly don´t have time to DIY, here are some good alternatives.


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