Ayuda a mexico #fuerzamexico

Mexico City, 2017

19th of September 1986. One of the largest earthquakes to ever hit Mexico shook the capital city. Yesterday, again on the same date, a 7,1 earthquake tore down bridges, roads, buildings, schools and hospitals devastating the city completely. Power plants were shut down. Kids texted their parents from under rubble.

Mexico has always been an advocate for Hollywood apocalyptic movies – but had only lived something like this once before. I have to say, i am proud to be Mexican. The solidarity shown amongst people is uncanny. Unheard of. At the peak of insecurity and political doubt, people are opening their doors to strangers and everybody is physically helping each other.

But the resources are not enough.

Mexico has always been one of the first countries to donate and send help to neighboring countries in need. We now need your help. A few dollars will save lives. Please find a moment and skip that last drink at the bar – donate that cash to people who are truly in need of hope.





Please donate to Earthquake Victims in México

– RED CROSS IN MEXICO (donate in USD) https://www.gofundme.com/ThisOnesForM…

-RED CROSS MEXICO (donate in pesos) https://cruzrojadonaciones.org/

– INDEPENDENT DIGGERS (help them get people out of the rubble) https://www.topos.mx

– VOLUNTEER http://comoayudar.mx/

– HURRACANE VICTIMS http://rdcrss.org/2jK1EJq


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