They say New York Fashion Week is dying. That is is not the same. To me, it is always a new story to tell. I love that it has become so widespread and, to certain extent, more open to the public. At the end of the day it is we who buy and wear what is showcased and we are that much more likely to buy if we feel an emotional connection to the art behind a collection. What better way to do so than seeing it live? backstage? Than meeting and speaking to the designers!?

That is what Fashion week is all about. Feeling and understanding a collection. About finding inspiration, expression and individualism beyond a piece of cloth.

A lot more on that later ( follow my #FashionIsArt Series). But for now, I leave you with the highlights and favorite shows of the season.

Are you A Blogger / Vlogger? Have you been to NYFW? What is your favorite thing? Let me know next time your in town!