7 things you need to know before going to Costa Rica

Everybody talks about the beautiful beaches, what to pack and where to stay, but there are a few things people tend to miss out. Things that can make your trip to Costa Rica a thousand times better!

You can watch the video or read below:

Fly & Drive. 

Get out of the city by plane, save about a 5 + hr drive. Then rent a car and drive down the coast.

Get a 4×4.

The best beaches are in unchartered territory. Most Car rentals also provide a GPS.

Get a Room With a View.

Beach front hotels are overrated. Most mountain hotels have a view AND access to private beaches. Don´t miss the sunset happy hours in the pool.

Do Yoga or Surf.

The nature attracts the right people. Some of the best Yoga instructors and world class surfers live here. Make the most out of it.

Eat Local

Freshest fruit. Ever. Fish caught every morning. No spice. No chemicals.

Insect Repellent

Its the tropics! Get insect repellent, take Vitamin B and lots of tonic water and garlic to avoid being eaten alive.  And by the way, odds of dengue are minimal.


Good stations but the radio signal is terrible. Download a reggae playlist.


#8. Most ticks speak perfect english!



Enjoy your trip! Let me know what  you think and if you would add anything else to the list.