I moved to New York last year in late summer and all people would talk about were the summer festivals they had been to. I immediately began to do make my festival-to-do list.  Unfortunately I have not been able to attend them all between work and travel but Pink Nic (Rosé Festival) was something I was not going to miss.

I had tickets for Saturday and a storm forced the organizers to cancel the event. Gutted. Then they told us we could attend on Sunday if we transferred our tickets. Although we were a bit hesitant, Matthew and I decided to do so and I am SO glad we did! In spite of the common fear of the event being overcrowded I felt it was carried out to a T.

The key? VIP passes and catching the first ferry to Governor´s Island.

But as they say an image (or video) is worth a thousand words so here it is. My day at Pink Nic.

If you are in NYC or Visiting NY in the summer – this festival is not one to miss!

Have you been? What did you think?


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