Prepare for the perfect Tan

Prepare for the perfect TanHow to get the perfect tan

I write this post from the uber on my way to the airport. YES. After two months organizing a blogger trip for myself and a few other friends the madness has died down and D day is here.

I am nervous. Excited. I can’t wait to get back! And although I feel like I am forgetting  something – at least I know Im ready for the beach.

Thats the beauty of routines. The risk of missing something is reduced because you just follow the steps on “autopilot”.  This is why I wanted to share how I  Prepare for the perfect Tan. This way the next time you travel your tan is not something you have to worry about.

How to prepare for the perfect tan

1. Detox and cleanse

Nobody wants to show up to the beach with a bulging belly or bad skin. So I try to eat vegetarian meals for a week before and take some cleansing pills. Currently, I am using Super Cleanse by Nature’s Secret. This will clear your skin and make you feel more confident to sit around in a bikini.

I also try to drink twice as much water as usual to hydrate and mosturize the skin.

2. Prepare feom Within

Taking supplements of Vitamin B,  Vitamin E and Betacarotene helps you tan better. You can also apply them directly to your skin.

3. Exfoliate

for my face I like to use the Dermalogica microbrasion gel – and a professional microdermabrasion treatment to seal it.

For my body I do a home made coconut and sea salt scrub.

4. Pre-Tan

Adding a bit of color before the beach makes you 1. Look better and 2 tan more evenly.  Once you are at the beach try to tan gradually- with hight SPFs until you eventually get to the color you want to be.

If you sit in the sun for hours the first day you will burn and get an uneven color.

So there it is. A perfect tan happens way before you get to the beach. A little prep is golden.

So, how do you prepare for the beach? Have you tried any of rhese tricks before?