Biological Diversity is Beauty


The United Nations has proclaimed May 22, The International Day for Biological Diversity (IDB) to increase understanding and awareness of biodiversity issues. The environment has always been something very dear to my heart. Specially coming from Mexico and having lived in places like Costa Rica, Colombia and Kenya, where the biodiversity is so impressive that it leads strong touristic economies. I decided to dedicate this week to the environment -after all whats three posts, right? Maybe I can inspire some of you to go on an amazing, unforgettable vacation that could potentially add tot he cause. Maybe next time you purchase something you make a different choice. Its worth it.  Just look around next time you are driving -even if its in a city. How different things could be. . .

The threat to species and ecosystems has never been so great as it is today. Species undergo extinction caused by human activities continues at an alarming rate. This year’s IDB theme is Biodiversity and Sustainable Tourism. Recognition of the great importance to tourism economies of attractive landscapes and a rich biodiversity underpins the political and economic case for biodiversity conservation. A well-managed tourist sector can contribute significantly to reducing threats to, and maintain or increase, key wildlife populations and biodiversity values through tourism revenue.

At an individual level, sustainable travel is about making simple choices to lessen your negative impact on a given destination. Each one of these choices makes only a small difference. But collectively, these little things can have a huge impact. How we travel, what we carry, what we eat and drink, what we do at our destination, what we buy, and what we leave behind, can all change the impact we have. Respecting our world and all that makes us different and unique will enhance your travel experience.

Soon you will read more on the blog about potential eco-tourism escapes, experiences and locations.

I want to leave a greener, more beautiful world behind. Let´s make this our legacy as a generation.

What else can we do to help the environment?