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Feeling good about your life and yourself is the ultimate luxury. This is why I detox twice a year. If you have ever done a detox you probably know that one of the hardest things of doing it is to maintain the willpower. Specially if you do it for a long period of time. And obviously, just when you start your detox everybody starts planning dinners, someone decides to have a birthday and everybody wants to go the the one restaurant in town that doesn´t serve salads. Life goes on.

I write this post three days into my third week of detox. (you can see my program here) I think the key to do it for so long and do it properly is not to look at it as an obligation and try to make it a temporary fun lifestyle change. A DARE. Do this and not only will you go through with it successfully but in the end it could end up being a positive change in your permanent lifestyle.

Adding a bit of MINDFULNESS helps a lot. I had a chat with Daniela Zamora, wellness coach and expert in positive psychology to get some insights on what can help us make the mind switch to go through a detox without suffering. One of the most meaningful things she told me was: “Have an intention of why you want to do this, what will you get out of it. What is your desire behind this?” And let me tell you, those are very good questions.

Usually we detox  to “loose weight” or “rebooting our system”. But depending on the program you follow, a cleanse can be targeted to specific physical issues like improving your skin, your digestive system or your liver´s potential to process toxins. There are many professionals out there that can help you achieve physical-detox success and create a personalized, safe, program. A GREAT detox, however, goes beyond diet. It should also clear your mind and your lifestyle. It should give you more room to feel comfortable with yourself and make you feel free from emotional attachments to unhealthy habits. It doesn´t matter if those habits are about eating fast food, holding grudges, not making it to the gym or provoking drama in your relationships. It should help you let go.

A true cleanse should help you become AWARE of the habits that damage you and give you the strength to dominate them so they can stop dominating your life. And the focus should not be on Eliminating the bad, but about building more of the good. That is KEY. By the end of it you should feel like you need all that bad stuff a little bit less and that you have some form of control over it.

Daniela and I agree that isn´t easy but it can be achieved with a little monitoring. “Meditation is a great tool during a detox.” She says,  ” give yourself mindful moments and check in to observe your body and feel what sensations are you experimenting. Are you feeling pleasant, neutral or unpleasant feelings? What can this be telling you about your body’s response to food or thoughts?”. You may not change your life over night but being ware of WHY you are doing a detox and WHAT you want to change can be liberating in itself.

And what if you don´t make it until the end of your program?

Well, if you don´t complete your detox the truth is nothing will change. That is the worst that can happen. It doesn´t mean you have failed or that you should give up. It s all a process and maybe the program you followed is not for you! Dont change your goals – change the HOW you get there!!

It took me years to get to the point when I can quit meat alcohol, dairy and bread cold turkey any day.  If you can do that the first time, hat off to you. If you you are human like me, It´s ok. Give yourself a break and try again later. Like anything in life, its about routine, perseverance and mindfulness “The best thing you can gain from a detox is feeling better outside and inside (body and mind). Your objective should be to learn to change thought and behavior patterns while being compassionate towards yourself. You won’t get anywhere or change anything by criticizing and judging your own process.” As Daniela puts it.

So get out there and find the best detox program with you. Be well informed and be mindful.

If you want some good Detox recipes and more details on positive life coaching and mindfulness, contact Daniela. Her blog is in Spanish but she is fully bilingual and lives in NY.  Read her blog here email her here and follow her on IG @quierecomovives 

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