Detox your life in Jan

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Have you ever felt fat and sluggish after the holidays? Do you want to begin the year with a clean slate?  Achieve more goals than last year?  Yes, I am totally with you.

This is why every year,  the 2nd of January, I start a 1-month life detox. It is my way to get back in shape after the holidays, “reboot” my metabolism and simplify my life. It helps me start the year with determination and a sense of accomplishment. But the detox I do is not only a diet – its a lifestyle cleanse.

I think the key to start off with a detox is to set a goal, an intention, make a list of what you need to do to achieve them and focus on end results. After that is just about setting out to do things automatically. Don´t question yourself if you want it, if you can do it, if it feels good. Just do it. Focus on the rest of your day and detox will fly by.

Honestly, It has taken me several years and several  trial- and broken detoxes to get to this. The first time I think my detox diet lasted about three days and I gave up on the daily exercise after the second day!  Now daily exercise has been a habit I have kept for years – in fact I get moody when I don´t work out! And believe me creating this kind of discipline ripples to the rest of your life.

Throughout this month I will be releasing a couple of detox related posts for those of you who want to join me.  You don´t have to go extreme and you don´t have to do it for a month. A week is enough for most people. So push your limits in a healthy way.

Here is my personal detox lineup – which you can do with me!


A cleanse goes beyond your diet.

Run/Yoga Mornings

Wake up half an hour earlier (turn on the thermostat and some good music on) and do at least 30 minutes of yoga. If you are new at this, you can also go for a quick run or download or find some videos on you tube. I feel these disciplines help sweat out toxins and increase our energy in the morning. Feel free to try any other type of excercise. If you can get to a live class that is even better!

(See me yoga everyday on snapchat @flightofspice )

Closet Clean Out

I believe in moving energy around. One has to make space for new things to come in, so clean that closet, baby!

Get rid of the unworn, the old and the ugly.  Once you let go of clothes and things you will realize it is not as painful as you thought and that will make it easier to let go of other things (habits, people. . .) you don´t need. . .

Technology Swipe

Delete apps you don´t use. Unsubscribe from newsletters you don´t read. Unfollow uninteresting accounts on your social media. Block that negative person who is always complaining. Clear your inbox. Make space and unclutter digitally. You deserve fresh start in every sense.

Mental Turnaround

Meditate if you can. If you have no idea how to do it, just sit quietly and pay attention to your thoughts. Most of us have a lot of noise and negative thoughts floating around. They impair our decision-making-process and sabotage our success and relationships.  This is a whole post on its own, but lets be practical about it: Find that ONE thought that brings you down, like “I can never finish something” or ” I am so fat”. Then activate your radar for that thought. Whenever you find yourself thinking that, try to turn it around.

Next time you think you can never finish something, realize that you are a “starter” and have the power to design, and launch new projects easier than most people. You also have bursts of motivation that can potentially be extended until you finish a project!  Become aware of your strengths, play them up and then find the skills to help you change the behavior you want to change.

Also remember, no man is an island. A little help can go along way, when one needs it!  Stay positive!

Facial Cleanse

Give your skin a great start. Unclog those pores. Brighrten, tighten and refresh.

You have no idea how good it feels to face the world with a clean complexion – and trust me, people notice the glow!

So clean your makeup brushes back at home and refresh your daily skin routine! (more on my skin cleanse later and by the way, the detox diet gives 50% of the results!)

Water Flush

We are 70%+ water. No news there. But if we are so liquid, lets help our bodies drain all that stuff that is stuck from last year!  Drink a lot of filtered water. Look for filters that eliminate metals and fluoride.

This will improve your organ´s function, give you better skin and even help you loose a bit of weight!

Detox Diet

In essence I follow a 4 week program that I have put together after working with nutritionists during  several years ( you can see previous detox posts here). If this is your fist time you can try Week 1 and 4. If you have done it before try Week 3 &4 or do the whole month! Im now in my second week and you can see me on snapchat and insta stories!

Week 1. I avoid red meat, caffeine, dairy, refined sugars and alcohol. It is an “easy phase in”. Gains and carby veggies are allowed.

Week 2. I practically follow a vegan diet – no carbs. Load up on protein. Sun Warrior is my favorite supplement and Kale Chips are my favorite snack.

Week 3. For 4 days I juice. I plan to do lots of warm soups for the winter weather. Then, I go back to vegan. (If this is your first time juicing please do it with a nutritionist or detox group! Also make sure you are taking enough protein, vitamins and minerals!! PS. Slight headaches are normal the first day or two. Drink more water. )

Week 4. I phase out the detox by introducing each thing I had eliminated one at a time with a day in between to see how my body adapts. This is How I found out I was gluten intolerant.

So there it is, stay tuned for the next detox post! I am partenring up with a wellness coach and incredible cook to bring you a complete guide!

If you have any questions please contact me on instagram, facebook or snapchat! I may not have all the answers but I may be able to recommend professionals who can help! (thats what I do when I get stuck – ask for help!)