Velvet & Satin

Velvet and Satin (or silk) are IT right now. I have been truly infatuated with these two trends for both in fashion and for interior decor. They are the perfect accents for a luxurious and sophisticated look. They add softness and allure to any outfit or room and since I am on a mission to decorate our new loft and adding some winter clothes t my wardrobe,  they are most definitely some of my Cyberweek Goals. By the way I have to tell you – I am soooo excited to spend Thanksgiving and Blackfriday in New York !  (have I mentioned I am cooking and hosting live on facebook?) and well, as soon as we´re done with that glorious meal we are hitting the shops hard. (at least online). So here it is, my satin and velvet garment and home wishlist.  (click on the photo to see more)   [show_ms_widget id=”35960263″ image_id=”41812060″ width=”1480″ height=”800″]   [show_shopthepost_widget id=”2146779″]