But First, Paris

Today we moved out of the apartment at Stamford and into NYC. Crazy day. We jumped on our Uber, dropped off our bags at the new place, got back in the Uber and drove to the Airport. Exciting, long and surreal day. The last thing we wanted was a long uncomfortable flight for or trip that same day. So here is a little tip if you want to fly in FIRST CLASS from New York to Paris with more comfort & style: check out LA COMPAGNIE. It is a small, boutique airline that only does that rout and only has first class seats. It is a great option to fly with style. It offers a skinny price and a better sleep for a 5 hr flight the other side of the pond. Also, they serve fantastic champagne (instead of prosecco) Tres Chic.    This time however, we can only stay a few hrs in Paris – we are now off to the UK. Follow the rest of my trip on Snapchat and Instagram!  Bisous from Paris! #SpicyFlightTips sign Diana Carolina Flight of Spice