Green in NYC

A.L.C best seller fall 2016 A.L.C best seller fall 2016 A.L.C best seller fall 2016 Green is so in right now. With the weather transitioning and still used to a more tropical weather I have been looking for key pieces that I can mix match and that I know will look Fantastic. So, I found this set by A.L.C. ltd in Intermix the other day. Can I say it is now one of my favorites? The skirt can be worn with sneakers, boots, heels, with the top, with a t-shirt, another sweater – you name it. Possibilities are endless. Not to mention the top. Loving the bare shoulder trend. Update on the move Settling into NY has been harder than I thought. The city has always felt like a second home (we visit often) and we have a good group of friends around. This is not like other moves where I just jump into the unknown. Still, staying out in Stamford Connecticut and commuting into the city everyday has made settling in a slower process.  But all in all, I am LOVING it and cannot wait to properly move in! Oh and by the way, if you don´t follow me on snapchat, WE FOUND AN APARTMENT!!!  I think we must have seen over 30 buildings! I have NEVER walked so much.   xxx


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A.L.C. Dress. Schutz Heels.