NYFWSS17 – day 1

 I have been to NYFW before, usually as a guest to a couple of shows. Never as a blogger. Let me tell you, it really is as crazy as they all say it is.

Everybody runs from one show to another, to fittings, meetings, make up appointments – and in my case, to view appartments and run errands as I JUST moved into NY.  Add a pair of massive heels and you’ve got the recipe for well, another day in my life.

So today was my first day of NYFW and I had the opportunity to attend two shows: Marissa Webb and Telfar. Complete opposites.

Marissa Webb, has a super chic vibe. Feminine, beautifully cut blouses, tailored jackets and trousers and gorgeous nonchalant hairdos prevailed in her show. Her color palette was soft, composed by a combination of powerful darks, military greens and soft yellows mixed with neutrals.

Telfar on the other hand is a rising star with a rebel flare. Bright neon colors, avant garde cuts, androgynous looks and a LOT of attitude. Yet one was as unique as the other.


Marissa Webbs styling was perfect. Every detail was cared for and the quality of her clothes was palpable even from second row. I fell in love with the cuts, flattering to the human figure and the subtle details of her blouses. The shoes, by Monika Chiang, were also a key element of her styling. Both are brands that I would recommend investing in without a doubt. Beautiful and so flattering that they could be timeless. You can easily find Marissa Webb pieces in INTERMIX and  Monika Chiang has a great selection on her own website.

Here are some of my favourite looks.

marissa-webb-spring-2017-fashion-blogger-nyfw2016-flight-of-spice-blog-by-di-carolina-1 marissa-webb-spring-2017-fashion-blogger-nyfw2016-flight-of-spice-blog-by-di-carolina-2 marissa-webb-spring-2017-fashion-blogger-nyfw2016-flight-of-spice-blog-by-di-carolina-3 marissa-webb-spring-2017-fashion-blogger-nyfw2016-flight-of-spice-blog-by-di-carolina-4 marissa-webb-spring-2017-fashion-blogger-nyfw2016-flight-of-spice-blog-by-di-carolina-5

(photos by Elle.com, see more here)


I have to be honest when it comes to Telfar: it is not my everyday style. I could most definitely do with a few key pieces from this collection.  What I loved the most was the element of innovation in the designs.

If you really look at the pieces they are essential-inspired pieces with a twist. Things like polo shirts with a slash under a sleeve, or two completely different shirts stitched together to create something unique. From what could be unisex dresses to backless shirts, Telfar is design with a lot of attitude. It is the emblem of a tribe that represents a growing subculture – one that appeals to me in an unexpected manner. I have seen some of the best of Telfar in Opening Ceremony and of course the Telfar website. The brand is very reasonably priced.

nyfw16-review-clarkson-sq-day1-telfar-marissa-webb-flight-of-spice-blog-by-di-carolina-8 nyfw16-review-clarkson-sq-day1-telfar-marissa-webb-flight-of-spice-blog-by-di-carolina-7 nyfw16-review-clarkson-sq-day1-telfar-marissa-webb-flight-of-spice-blog-by-di-carolina-6 nyfw16-review-clarkson-sq-day1-telfar-marissa-webb-flight-of-spice-blog-by-di-carolina-5 nyfw16-review-clarkson-sq-day1-telfar-marissa-webb-flight-of-spice-blog-by-di-carolina-4 nyfw16-review-clarkson-sq-day1-telfar-marissa-webb-flight-of-spice-blog-by-di-carolina-3

Here are some of the guests, who I think deserve a catwalk of their own, and some of the people making all this happen for us!

nyfw16-review-clarkson-sq-day1-telfar-marissa-webb-flight-of-spice-blog-by-di-carolina-16 nyfw16-review-clarkson-sq-day1-telfar-marissa-webb-flight-of-spice-blog-by-di-carolina-14 nyfw16-review-clarkson-sq-day1-telfar-marissa-webb-flight-of-spice-blog-by-di-carolina-13 nyfw16-review-clarkson-sq-day1-telfar-marissa-webb-flight-of-spice-blog-by-di-carolina-11

Thats it for my first day. Tomorrow, more shows and appartment hunting. I’m going to need a LOT of good coffee. Luckily I’ve found a few great spots in Soho (some of that on a later post). Leave a comment below, let me know what you thought about the shows today!


fashion-blogger-nyfw2016-flight-of-spice-blog-by-di-carolina-1 fashion-blogger-nyfw2016-flight-of-spice-blog-by-di-carolina-2

Personally I needed s casual, chic comfortable look today. I was DYING to wear summer dresses, but since I had to go see potential apartments in NYC and run to some meetings to get things sorted out (bank accounts, etc) , I wanted something practical and since I just got back from the tropics, I thought I would support  latin brand. 😉 Im super pleased by how many people literally stopped me to ask about the pants! Go, Studio F !

To see the schedule of the following shows click here