The Man Key

 Keys to great style for men Keys to great style for men Keys to great style for men Keys to great style for men Keys to great style for men Keys to great style for men
Guys, looking good is a strategy for success.
Recently Mango Man opened in Costa Rica and after its launch, I have been giving male fashion a lot of thought.  When it comes to male style, girls like men with attitude and confidence – whether that is shown through three piece suits or tattoos and jeans. We like it when you know who you are and express it in the way you dress.
I know that scruffy look deep down is due to laziness, lack of time, different priorities or simply not knowing what to wear. And I know the whole “trend” thing can be a bit daunting for all of us but style goes beyond all this and truth is that there is a code that helps both males and females always look well put together and stylish.
So, if you want to look impeccable, be practical and have a strong presence just by entering a room, here is the code to dressing well for guys:
  1. Focus on Personality 
          ¿Who do you want to be?
          If you know who you are and what you want to communicate, then the rest is easy. Play on your
          strengths, be who you are and don´t force it – ok maybe sometimes just to please us.
  1. Shop Design and Quality
          Ok, brands matter, sure. But what each brands offers is far more important. We should all have a
         go-to shop where we know we can find basics and accent pieces. Seriosuly, knowing where to shot
         is 50% of the game. Mango Man has great variety and cuts. Step in next time your girl is in Mango
         and see of yourself.
  1. Find your Color
          Derly, a color stylist has helped me write some of my previous posts. There you can find tips and
         tricks to finding what suits you best. If you are looking for ease and practicality, choosing a general            pallette for your closet is key. For example, when I travel, I pick three colors and take a few basics.              Then it is all about mixing. You can add textures and patterns to make the attire more interesting.
  1. Look for a good cut 
          I will not go into depth in this post, but it is extremely important to buy well fitted clothes. If it does
         not fit properly, tailor it. The shoulder seams should always fall straight onto the shoulder. The shirt          sleeves have to reach two fingers above the wrist for it to show only 1cm when used under a jacket.            You have make sure the shirt is not too loose around the torso and that the jacket shoulders are                  shaped yet straight (not rounded). All these simple, symmetric details add up to making the whole                  attire more manly. It is simple geometry and once again, good design.
  1. Dress for the ocation
          Always consider where you are going and who your audience is. It is better to be the best dressed
          than underdressed. Please no jeans in cocktails – its a matter of respect for your peers, who do take             the time and effort.
These five little tips can help you dress and impress for personal and professional reasons. Here is why:
A while ago, I asked Felipe Riaño, a dear friend of mine and expert in Neurolinguistic programming what he thought about our style – if it really had an impact in our personal and professional lives. As a frequent consultant for the History Channel and a Ted-Talk judge in Colombia, he know what he is talking about. His response what that the way we dress is part of our non verbal communication and this talks about our personality and ideologies at an unconscious level.
” Non verbal language is the unconscious way of expressing our internal thoughts and emotions externally … this form of communication is so essential that even Harvard studies claim that in important negotiations up to a 70 to 80% of the impact and resolution is driven by non-verbal language”.
So guys, beyond looking good for your girl, fiends, self, the way you dress can be a factor of your success (or lack of). Like I mentioned above, if in doubt, start fromt he root and shop great clothes. Mango man is a great option.
Thank you to my gorgeous stylish husband and brother for the input in this post. Thank you lineup trends for giving us the inside scoop for male fashion 😉
Keys to great style for men Keys to great style for men