70´s Vintage

Vintage Outfit - 70´s inspiration Vintage Outfit - 70´s inspiration Vintage Outfit - 70´s inspiration Vintage Outfit - 70´s inspiration Vintage Outfit - 70´s inspiration Vintage Outfit - 70´s inspiration Vintage Outfit - 70´s inspiration Vintage Outfit - 70´s inspiration Vintage Outfit - 70´s inspiration Vintage Outfit - 70´s inspiration
Some people take fashion way too seriously. – Don´t get me wrong, Fashion is art, a lifestyle and one of the most influential industries but when it comes to  everyday dressing life should not be complicated and boring. Life is an opportunity, have fun, try all the flavours of life and fight for what we believe in . . . and the way we dress should be exactly that.
I am a lifestyle/fashion blogger and and increasingly an absolute sucker for trends. guilty. BUT I find a lot of value on anything made well and with a lot of personality. And sometimes that comes in the shape of somebody´s grandmother´s clothes. Nadia, one of my best friends in Copenhagenintroduced me to this world a long time ago. The hunt for vintage treasures is old news for Europe. What fashionistas in the old continent appreciate is quality and character. You often see rockstars and models wearing something more than two decades old. It adds depth to their look and personality  – and I love that.
Some of my style Icons are Caroline De Maigret and Josephine de la Baume. I have seen interviews and closet tours and a lot of their stuff is VINTAGE – including some male clothes. And that does not mean they go around wearing a “costume”  or that they are hipsters looking like they rated their dead aunt´s closet. It simply means that when they go for the “classic” pieces or “key” pieces, they go for the originals instead of re-makes. It is so obvious it is simply genius.  Personally, when I think vintage, I think 70´s. I guess is one of the decades that I feel most identified with – mostly for it´s music.
The 70´s was an era of freedom, of rebellion, of sexual embrace and naturality. It was about great Rock & Roll and Disco in Rollerblades.  That decade Sweden allowed women to vote, and other countries followed suit fighting for a more egalitarian society. Some of the most famous exploratory missions were sent into space (see Apllo13).  We saw a wave of female country leaders around the world. Women were considered beautiful when natural. Earth day was legalised. The WALKMAN was invented and bands like  YesPink Floyd, GenesisLed ZeppelinQueenThe WhoBlack Sabbath and  Deep Purple were born. Plus, reggae became known worldwide. . .  it was a good time to be alive.
For this post I decided to make a collaboration with a stylist specialised in a Vintage Vibe. Pamela Sue, the creator of “ De Noche Vintage” is a stylist who is constantly on the prowl for new vintage “Gems”. She brings them from abroad into Costa Rica and networks to get her hands on the best of the best. Pamela curates and heals all her pieces herself and sees each one of them as a tool to show her client´s individuality. Her style is rich, quirky, and earthy. And somehow she manages to style a t-shirt into something super sexy. So here it is, a purely vintage photoshoot  – curated and shot by the woman herself. 
The gorgeous jewellery is handmade (like in the good old days) by Ari Castillo, an artist and friend who I love working with. 
So if you like this, and want to go beyond the mass consumption we all have access to, try adding some vintage gems to your collection. If you struggle with the staying or want to have access to really great stuff, call  Pamela (Instagram @de.noche.vintage, email Pamela Sue <pamelasuelove@me.com>) or call  +506