BE INSPIRED – Editor´s Note

This is a lifestyle blog, and life goes beyond one person. It is formed and shaped by it´s context and people around us. I know this may sound ironic being an ego-blogger, but I strongly believe in mutual inspiration.  With the unlimited access we have to connect, the saying “no man is an island” has never resonated stronger and we must build things together. Now, this does not mean plagiarism, in any way, but the encouragement to take what exists from other disciplines and use them to find our own originality and innovate.
With this philosophy at its core the blog now becomes part of a greater project: ALVA DE LA SELVA DESIGN LAB, a company that my brother and I created a couple years ago. With Erick`s contribution, the lab´s resources and the input of incredible inspirational people we hope the blog becomes a source of better content for you.
The blog will, for the most part remain the same, but as an ode to all the beauty that surrounds us and with a designer-eye onboard, the section BE INSPIRED  has been created on the blog to do just that – inspire you. See this new category as a voice of all we find exceptional and all that inspires our life: The people, the places, the art, the design.
FLIGHT OF SPICE will now have a weekly space of creative inspiration. We will filter and curate the best that we come across in hope that we all find the creative genius we have been searching for to inspire us to DESIGN OUR OWN LIVES.
Enjoy and never stop imagining.
Special thanks to my husband who, as always, believes and encourages my craziness.
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