Wear Paterns


When we think of mixing patterns we think of color and outfits out of Sex and the City and a fun, maybe even sophisticated kitsch look that clashes in every way. As a huge fan of minimalism I don’t usually mix patterns too much but I have to admit it is a LOT of fun when the right patterns come along.  I can´t wait to make a post on that bohemian clash style now that patterns are so IN . . but I know mixing them can be a bit daunting so I have decided to phase them in before we get a little wild.
To wear the pattern tendency you don´t have to mix yellow stars and red striped pants (Yes, that is a thing -s ee Max Mara USA). It can be much more versatile. If you want to try ta new fun mix without going out on a limb, try these mixing patterns with these points in mind:

Pick a main neutral color

The base of your main items should have at least an accent in the same color. If it is a neutral color, the look will look even more sober. The more conservative you want the look, the more of a predominate color you should use. To spice it up, play with shades or colours in the same tones. (see my color posts for more)

Find similar patterns in different densities and scale

If you are starting to get comfortable with patterns use some forms in the same family. Don´t try mixing damascus with zebra prints and checkers. The more pattern styles you mix, the wilder the look and the harder it is to make it work.
Leave those mixes for other ocations.

Accessorise conservatively

Im a huge advocate for big accent pieces as much as I am for minimalist details – but again, the busier the pattern, the harder it becomes to match and if we are looking for a sophisticated versatile look the best bet is to use neutral, classic accessories in small doses.
Patterns can be very playful and fashionable or very formal and old school depending on the materials, colours and how you mix them. With these easy guidelines you will achieve a simple, but impacting look to make crazy patterns work in sober environments. ¡Have fun!

Outfit by Cortefiel. Shades BGBG.