The colors of 2016: FIESTA RED

           “Red is the color of fire” Said Derly as we tried different tones of red on my skin. According to her, stylist and color expert, red is one of those colors that works well on almost anybody. It is versatile for day or night and works on every season. I love this color because it gives the perfect touch of character and passion to an outfit. I wear it when I want to feel most confident and look to make an unforgettable impact. Its always good to remember that the brighter and bolder the tone the more audacious it is, and viceversa, the tamer the tone, the more sober it becomes. Any red, nonetheless, speaks for itself. To accesorize everyday red  outfits I recommend using pieces that don´t compete with the color but can hold their own (unless you are going for a supercharged look). Minimal accessories also work very well with such an imposing color. Makup-wise you need to make sure the color doesn´t wash you or age you. A bit of blush or red lipstick can finish off any red outfit and make a huge difference. stronger eyeliner can also help the boldness of your look.   Impact and versatility. This is why it is one of the colors of the year. You will see it in catwalks and streetstyle around the globe regardless of the season, specially in the “lolita” or “querida” latin-inspired trends. And for those of us who have latin in our bloods, its just comes natural to wear it.

Dress & Necklace by Mango,  Shoes by Schutz, Bag by Alva de la Selva Design Lab.