How to style a monochrome outfit

I LOVE the new monochrome trend. White and black always make a garment understated yet make such a strong impact, specially in blocks –  but there are a few tricks to keep this look interesting.


Lately I have seen a lot of people and bloggers wear this trend and when it works it looks brilliantly – but I do think you need to know how to match to keep an outfit from becoming boring.  So here is how I try to keep an monochrome outfit chic:

1. Silhouettes and good cuts.

I have often mentioned the importance of a good cut and how the confection is often the price you pay in some of the higher brands. In this case, when you wear white on white, the fit and the shape is key. In my case I chose some wide-leged trousers (love that cut) just long enough to cover some pretty high heels (which makes you look even taller) and a crop top that breaks the all-white look with a touch of skin.

Personally I really like the extra-large minimalistic trends but I don´t think it always fits my body, so I try to do wide cuts that still fit well on shoulders and hips to get the look without feeling like I have borrowed my mother´s clothes.


2. Similar shades on main pieces and an accent colour.

I know a lot of people would disagree, and if you are after a super funky look, I would suggest you play away from this statement – but if you are looking for a well-put-together look do try to get similar shades on your main pieces, if you go with Ivory on the top, stick to Ivory on the bottom, don´t throw in some snow-white pants. It looks fine on accessories, but if you do it with your mains you run the risk of looking like you dressed in the dark.

Then to add that extra touch go for contrast, even if it is on another neutral tone, like I did here with the grey jacket. You can also keep on the monochrome pallet and throw in different textures or contrasting materials.


3. Minimal accessories. 

A minimal look really comes together on the details. If you ask me that is the beauty of it: the understatement of it.

In my case the outfit is very simple, but the shirt has cufflinks, I have a very thin (barely visible chain) and the belt match the shoes in a neutral skintone that blend in. Accessories personalize your outfits so do think them through and sprinkle them on the outfit – but don´t over do them. As Channel once said, take one thing off before you leave the house.


Have fun playing with monochromes!

Thousand kisses xxx



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