What to consider when buying a new a beauty product.

About a month ago I looked in the mirror after a hot shower and realized that my skin was looking dry and lifeless. I was travelling at the time and had a high school reunion coming up soon so I needed to do something fast. We’ve all been there. You can´t go into something like that with bad skin, right?!

In absolute panic, I immediately rushed to find anything that could help. Usually, I go to the dermatologist for this kind of thing, but this time I decided to shop around for myself. * Worst. Idea. Ever. * I have to admit I made a poor choice- and  not because the product doesn’t work but because it wasn’t the right fit for me (it is actually very effective on the right skin type). So to prevent you from making the same mistake, here are some things to consider when shopping for a new beauty product: prairie caviar cream review

1:KNOW YOUR OPTIONS. DO NOT RUSH INTO BUYING In my case,I did not do my research and trusted  the a sales attendant at a duty free shop who was not qualified to recommend this kind of product.  She ensured me it was the best all around cream in the market. A best seller. A miracle cream that would give me incredible toned skin and make all my ex-classmates jealous. As I was travelling  and wanted a quick fix I decided to go for it. “The TRIO package is your best bet¨she said. Face cream, eye cream and serum. Guys, let me tell you these are the most expensive travel-size beauty products I have ever bought. In retrospect, I should have asked for testers and invested on the larger presentation had the creams felt right for my skin. prairie caviar cream review 2. ALWAYS TRY FACIAL PRODUCTS ON YOUR FACE – AND WAIT TO SEE HOW IT FEELS (No. It´s not so obvious when you are at the shop)  The moisturising face cream was not light as it is described and for some reason it felt thicker on my skin than when I tried it in the store.  The eye cream was very similar – perhaps a bit thicker even. Very, very little is needed. The serum is heavier than most serums, less scented than the creams and spreads very well. I felt a little greasy the first few days but with beautiful tight, hydrated skin. By the end of the week, however I begin to break out. Nothing else (not even my diet) had changed, I knew It had to do with the creams I was wearing. . . but continued using them anyway.

prairie caviar cream review

3:WHEN YOU INCORPORATE A NEW PRODUCT TO YOUR BEAUTY ROUTINE, MAKE SURE YOU MONITOR ANY CHANGES. – By week two my face was a mess, and I had to make an urgent appointment with my dermatologist. The minute I walked in she asked what new products I had been using and urged me to discontinue them. And you know what?  I could have told you that a week before but I didn’t pay enough attention to how my skin was reacting… which brings me to  my last two recommendations: 4.LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. IF IT DOESN´T LIKE A PRODUCT, DISCONTINUE USE IMMEDIATELY and lastly  5. ASK YOUR DERMATOLOGIST BEFORE YOU MAKE AN INVESTMENT ON NEW BEAUTY PRODUCTS.   prairie caviar cream review Conclusions on the product. I usually give a product 3-4 weeks before I decide if I like it. The serum-cream routine I have continued to use has definitely hydrated and toned up my skin. It works brilliantly with the nu-skin electro machine! but Although I love the toning results and really like the cream I have to admit I feel it is a bit too thick for me. This is a great product, but it is best suited for more mature skins or with a different profile to mine. After my visit to the doctor, I gave my Mom the trio and she LOVES it. (And yes, she talked to the dermatologist first) . So these lush creams may be exactly what you have always been looking for, but ask your dermatologist if this is the right fit before buying.