The key pieces for this fall – The trends that are crossing borders in 2015


The key pieces for this fall – The trends that are crossing borders 

There is a lot to pick from this season . . . or maybe it feels like so because in the last month I have been in shops in 4 countries and the supply of different designs is endless. There is so much, in fact, that I ended up not buying anything!! which is ridiculous, I know. . . but after seeing it all, I have a very clear idea of what I am after – and I think I´ll have to order it online because I probably wont find it in Costa Rica.

It is true that across the board you have a cohesive sense of trends and that chain shops like Zara or Mango have most of the same pieces – but the truth is that every country has a different flavour and that the way people style the same piece is unique to their environment and each individual. If you ask me, people-watching is the best bit about travelling. It´s an injection of fashion inspiration, it is addictive and I am completly in love with it!

Having said that, there are a few trends and garments that seem to predominate internationally this fall, and I have done the research so you don´t have to:

Distinctive Colours and Patterns for fall 2015

  1. Squared – Checkered in similar tones with contrasting accents
  2. Black and White in block and patterns
  3. Burnt Red, Shedron and Burgundy
  4. Emerald Green (specially in northern countries)
  5. Nudes
  6. Greys

Accessories of the Season

  1. Black Leather ankle boots
  2. V -point loafers with tassels, suede and leather textures.
  3. Black and White sandals pumps and lace-ups.
  4. Hats.
  5. Rounded shoulder bags in leather earthy tones.
  6. Stacked up minimal rings and necklaces
  7. Uneven earrings and ear cuffs
  8. Oversized, minimalistic sweaters and Coats
  9. Fur.

Predominating General Trends 

  1. Minimalistic block colours
  2. Masculine look with a sexy edge (feminine accesories or clevages)
  3. 70´s Bohemian Rhapsody

As we go into the fashion weeks and begin to see what is out there we may seem to want it all – but a girl has got to pick her battles. In my case, as usual, I am faced with an identity crisis. I live in Costa Rica (fairly warm weather) but work 50% of the time in Mexico (slightly colder) and have to travel back and for to the UK and Europe a few times towards the end of the year (freezing). So, my fashion-investment pieces need to work in all locations (or I need to triple my income – fast).

For this reason and the variety of environments i move in (from designer artistic gatherings to high-end business meetings) I tend to buy block colour, solid and classic pieces and add the accents with more accessible accessories and shoes – this year I am craving a bit of a change. I aim for more fun pieces over an elegant classic look. It has to be warm and as usual, quite versatile.  So here it is, my dream edited selection of key pieces for the season.


KEY FALL WARDROBE BLOGGER.png 3 KEY FALL WARDROBE BLOGGER.png 2 KEY FALL WARDROBE BLOGGERAll these you can find at mayor stores such as Selfridges, Harrods or, Net-a-porter,  – And of course, similar pieces for all budgets will be available in shops like Zara, Mango, Asos, TopShop etc. For example:

 Rapsodia vestido otoño 2015For bohemian dresses I personally prefer RAPSODIA 
[/row] [row]
grey coat mango fall 2015Mango grey coat  


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The key to these pieces is to make them your own.

Personally, after looking through my selection, I find it needs a bit of colour to match my personality. I would add touches of burgundy red, emerald green and golden accessories, maybe yellow here and there – depending on my location, occasion and mood.  I would also recommend mixing textures. It is wonderful to see such rich materials in the shops this season: Lets strategically use the suede, the leather, the velvet, the wools, the fur and the glitter.  They could make a plane black outfit look like a million dollars.

Also, I have found there are about three different shades of red around. In my case I think I look too pale and dull with burgundy, its just not for me. So I try to look for that burnt cherry red colour (I have already bought the Dior nail polish and lipstick. Im in love with this shade.) I would recommend brunettes with slightly olive undertones to their skin to take this approach – or to invest in a colour test with a professional stylist – (I will write a post on that later).

Also experiment with the mix, with how you tie your belt, with accessories. There are no rules and if somethings doesn´t work – it does not matter! You always have tomorrow to give it another go. My one piece of advice is to always try to be loyal to your lifestyle, your personality and your body shape. Once you go through all the things available in shops and pick your key pieces, you cannot go wrong.


So with that, I end my fall wish list . . .  to be updated when winter approaches. I hope it inspires your wardrobe!

And if it all fails, and you don´t know where to start or have a set budget just invest in one classic, statement piece like an Isabel Marant or Alexander McQueen Coat, a Burberry Trent, a Louis Vuitton or Yves Saint Laurant bag – or, my favourite, Valentino studded shoes.



What will be your key piece for this Fall?