Tailored to Fit – Surgery of a skirt

We all tend to have forgotten things in our closets.

Halfway through my business trip in Mexico I decided to make a pause to pay the old closet a visit. I grew up here and still have a thing or two in my old room at my parent´s house and its always fun to rummage around to find forgotten treasures. This time I came across a very cool white and black two-piece skirt-suit I bought a few years ago – and realised I had never worn it (gasp).

After beating my self up over poor life-choices (like burying this suit at the back of my closet) I decided to mend fences with the forgotten item and give it a second chance. I tried it on.  I hated it.

I stood in front of the mirror pulling the skirt up, pinching the sides of the jacket to give it more waist, and wondering what the hell I was thinking when I bought it – It MUST already been ill-fitting when I bought it as I have been quite constant with sizes and weight the last few years. . . and then, I realised the true reason of the abandonment: It never made it to the tailor.

From a young age I was taught to tailor clothes when I buy them. From jeans and t-shirts to suits it all got taken in for a quick surgery (generally a little “tuck in” or “hem-up”)  but for some reason I stopped doing it. Yet another jaded life decision.  God, I really need to get back to that.


Have you seen men in perfectly tailored suits? (aka, my yummy husband). It makes a humongous difference! When things are tailored they just…FIT (surprisingly).  So why the hell should´t we tailor all the pieces we buy to make sure they are literally made for our bodies?!


Tailored Suit skirt black and white 



Lately I´ve had my eye on a few skirts that have uneven edges (see links below). So, taking advantage of my stay in México I decided to take the now-found suit our trusty tailor (key word: trusty). I put my designer skills to good use, added a scrunch to the skirt and took it in at the sides. The jacket just needed some fitting.  A few days and about $20usd later, I have a new (more casual) suit. Yippy yeah yey. Wear them separately and voila! Helmut Land skirt-style revamped.

Lets all get the whole closet tailored and make sure our clothes fit from now on, shall we?

Add a little kick to that old closet, go to the tailor. It is the best way to achieve a polished look.

I will post a photo of the jacket later.

Tailored Suit skirt black and white


Inspiration skirts: