Make your Bathroom a Sanctuary

No matter what home you go to I can guarantee you that the most intimate place in the  house is the bathroom.  I am not talking about going-to-the-bathroom-to-pee sort of intimacy, I am taking about spending some serious quality time with yourself (or even your partner) in there.

Think about it: every morning you start your day there – NAKED – and you face yourself in the mirror. You think about your day, maybe worry about some things you have to do, fantasise about others and the internal dialogue begins to spin. Some of us will set goals, others may realise how time has passed, make “TO-DO” lists, or even have a chat with our partner while we get ready.  We spend a lot more time than we think in this little room.

We go out of the bathroom and the chaos and busyness of our days kicks in and some of us will not have any time alone again – not until that night when we  end up in the same place, getting ready for bed.




The point I am trying to make is that the bathroom is an important place in our homes and it is always surprising how many of us take it for granted and fail to make an effort to make it a pleasant place to be in.

The bathroom is a sanctuary, it is a place of rituals, beginnings and ends. So pimp up your bathrooms! Add fresh  flowers, scented candles and play music while you shower – for life is too short to get ready and prepare for bed everyday in a dull place.