Pink Dining Room Decor

Designing a space around a piece – having a flight of spice on interiors.

GORGEOUS pink china


When waiting I tend to go on “introspection-mobile-mode” and get lost in instagram or pintrest. Don´t judge -we all know you do it too. 😉

So Today, I came across THIS GORGEOUS china . . .  and I went on a flight of spice wondering what room I would design to go with it.

I imagined a tall walled, spacious rectangle-shaped room with a little alcove on the side with large glass doors on one length and stairs on the other.


It would have a long wooden table for 12, and underneath this pink and navy diamond carpet:


carpet pink and navy boho

With a mix of these chairs


The flowers. Las flores.

pink peonies


The main wall in the alcove would have an accent navy blue – and we would keep THAT painting.

 blue walls pink art accent wall


More art.


Art by Tracie Cheng Everlasting Light on wood