Box VS. Muay Thai


I went to my first boxing class a week ago . . .


I have been doing Yoga for over a year and Pole dance for a few months – and I LOVE them and they do keep me fit but lately I have been craving …a bit more of a sweat.

THe type of Yoga I do is very demanding and Pole is very tough – so tough I end up most of my time nursing blisters and bruises so it willt ake me a while to real the “sixpack point” – and quite frankly I don´t have the patience . . . I´ll get it one day but until then I need another workout.  I knew joining a gym was not an option – I like sports better than weights – so my husband (who is a box junkie) kept insisting I went. Finally, I decided to give it a go.

I went, did the class and … I just didn´t like it. I was surprised how fit I was and began to understand how work out was keeping my husband so fit. . . Still, I craved giving martial arts a go so I went back and when I did, I found a  Mai Thai class had been organized for me instead of Boxing. LOVED IT.

The difference (as far as my non martial-artsy knowledge goes) is the use of the legs and of course the viciousness. We like viciousness when kicking specially since this workout is also meant to de-stress me a bit.  Admittedly I do not want as much violence as the amount needed in Krav Magá (which I have also practiced before) but enough to defend myself if it is ever needed.