Do what YOU want


Everyday, after putting out fires and answering emails, I take a little coffee break (Ok, these days its mostly a matcha green tea latte break – but the point is the pause). And while I sip it, I go through my go-to sites to stay updated:

First, I read my inbox summarized news (like “The SKIM” and “The Tico Times”), then go off to my Feedly where I have organized a compilation of RSS feeds from international websites that let me see local and international news on current themes, design, tech, science, blogs and cultural updates.

If I have not been interrupted by then, or don´t have to rush out somewhere – I carry on through twitter – just to make sure Im not missing any breakthrough news.

Of course scoping all this content could take me hours so I limit myself to reading the excerpts and click one or two main articles. Any inspiration or to be-read gets either pinned, saved into hootsuite or posted into the  ALVA DE LA SELVA DESIGN LAB Evernote Account where my brother can see it and can reference to it at a later date for design inspiration.

When I finish my tea, a pour a second cup and get back to work.

…Funily enough today two different sources took me to the same video – a video that has been around for a while but it reminded me (with perfect timing) that one should never give up and that one must not desist just because people keep telling you you cannot do something. Specially when  told you cannot do something because “thats not the way things work”. Who is to say and delimit the hows, wheres and whens but the person involved?

So, as an ode to all of those sticking out our tongues too all the naysayers and hoping to inspire the rest  – here it is:

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