Spa Day in Bogota

I arrived to Bogota a day ago with an achy back and a sore neck.  *sigh*

Of course “The Bog” is fucking freezing, well, to my standards, anyway. I am clearly not used to this weather anymore! (Thank you, Costa Rica!)

So, in sight of the cold weather Tiffany and I have decided to spend the day at the nice, cozy warm SPA at the Marriott Hotel and splash around the jacuzzis for a bit, get a much earned massage, have mimosas – and of course, catch up and plan our future trip in Costa Rica next month!!!

yippy yeah yey…

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Blog Post early 2015 - Travel in Bogota Colombia - Flight of Spice - lifestyle blog Mexico Costa Rica-9

A “deli” brunch at the Marriot After a SPA morning.

Seriously, if you are in pain. Take a morning. As I was telling my cousin the other day: SKIP A MEAL, GET A MASSAGE!