• Detox days
    Beauty LIFE

    Detox your life in Jan

    Have you ever felt fat and sluggish after the holidays? Do you want to begin the year with a clean slate?  Achieve more goals than last year?  Yes, I am totally with…

  • How to decorate industrial loft
    Create That Vibe DESIGN

    industrial Loft

    So, we recently. moved to NY. We are LOVING the Big City! … but I won´t lie to you, settling into the new loft has come as a bit of a…

  • New Year´s Resolutions How to
    LIFE Wild heart

    Achieve Your Resolutions

    New Year´s resolutions are hard to achieve. The idea of doing something for 12 months is always daunting. This is why I like to do quarterly goals. Every 4 months I look…

  • Guess New Beginnings-6
    Outfits STYLE

    Fresh Start Outfit

      For me the end of the year is about fresh starts. It is about realigning your actions to follow the pursuit of your dreams. It is about shedding fears and…

  • Outfits STYLE

    Color In winter

      Temperatures are dropping in NYC. Looking for an alternative to the season’s usual monochromatic black, I decided to try something new but not too far off. Based on color schemes…

  • Covet STYLE

    NYE essentials

    So, what do you have planned for NYE? With all the Christmas shopping, lunches, brunches, dinners and cocktails its hard to find the perfect outfit for New Year´s eve, my suggestion…

  • Holiday loss 2
    LIFE Wild heart

    Loss during holidays

    As you know I went missing for about a week recently. I disappeared to my uncle´s funeral in Mexico. He was that cool uncle that took me to all the Rock concerts…


    GIFT GUIDE 2016

    This time of year is all about GIVING. Personally I truly enjoy the hunt of finding the perfect present for the people I love. Its like a christmas hunt.  I want each person…